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    Windows 10 Sleep Issues

    count me in as well with my SP2. :( But, using "powercfg -devicequery wake_armed" may have found a solution. it listed the following as candidates: HID-compliant mouse HID-compliant mouse (001) Surface Type Cover Filter Device HID Keyboard Device (001) Going into the Device Manager, Power...
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    Firefox for Modern-Metro 8 UI is dead

    I'm pretty sure I didn't see this posted anywhere here. Not that what Mozilla released (as a beta and mostly Nightlies) was any great shakes, but this kinda sucks. If my understanding is correct, this was never intended to be an RT release anyway so what was the point? (Or am wrong about...
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    Rat Rating - Found an excellent mouse - Better than Wedge

    picked up the T630 Ultrathin based on comments here. A bit small for my hands, cramping eventually sets in. Also, the lack of a "tap" option (as opposed to mechanical click) is a bit disappointing since it limits the number of surfaces it can be used on. It's just software, the mouse has the...
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    My marvell network driver version is still 14.69.24039.134 But they don't list the Pro's 88W8797 chipset in their list. They have a generic installer for x64 OS'. The latest driver though from last Nov., .160 is no where to be found.
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    Really Terrible Battery Life With Pro 2?

    Interesting. Very similar use case to me. The only differences are I have a 4300u and the older .150 WiFi driver. It's still not clear to me how to get the .160 driver, apparently some got it through either the Dec. 2013 or Jan. 2014 updates though a lot of us did not. You might want to...
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    Skinomi case

    I always fear plugging in the power or a USB cable as it's very easy to scratch the Surface's surface. It's like playing "Operation" every time. :(
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    What keyboard do you use?

    I've never heard any OS generated sounds from the keys.
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    What keyboard do you use?

    are you sure you're pressing in the right spot? the active area is in the lower third of either side of the touch pad. you have to give a little bit of effort with the push and hold it there for a second or so. then you'll hear the "click."
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    Really Terrible Battery Life With Pro 2?

    mennogreg: some questions. - is your CPU a 4200u or 4300u? - is WiFi on the entire time? - is Bluetooth on the entire time? - what is the version of your WiFi (Marvell) driver? - do you ever open up the desktop? (I'm guessing yes) - rough number of processes running? -...
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    Really Terrible Battery Life With Pro 2?

    jrapdx: you still getting 9+ hours on your SP2? I'd be curious what the discharge rate is on our battery if so.
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    What keyboard do you use?

    Yep, that's the one I have. it's great, more key functionality than the Type Cover 2 as well. Only downside is its not backlit. Logitech, you listening? Add a small touch pad to this and we'll all buy it. :)
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    What keyboard do you use?

    Ditto. Beyond silly trackpad. No two tap drag capability? Bah. I hope it goes out the door with Mr. Balmer. I'm assuming Apple has a patent lock on their glass trackpad, which is why no one can duplicate it. The Logitech T650 touch pad is actually pretty nice though. I'm considering taking it...
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    Really Terrible Battery Life With Pro 2?

    That's what Anandtech said they were getting after the Oct. update and I never get anything close to that doing the same tasks. I'm lucky if I get 5.5 hours. I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the people/mail/calendar triumvirate, which seems to be rather up there in CPU time use.
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    Surface Pro 2's Camera... A Joke!

    yep, I think rear cameras on tablets are a cruel joke on society to begin with.
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    Type Cover Waking Device

    Power button is the physical one on top, right? What is the "sleep button?"
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    Surface Pro 2 Firmware and Driver Pack

    If you uninstalled the driver and had its files completely removed as part of that process, probably yes. That newer .160 WiFi driver must have been part of the December update, which since so few received is why it's scarce. Wonder why they're holding it back.
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    Surface Pro 2, All Images Being Dithered?

    Did you ever try the newer Intel drivers?
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    Surface Pro 2 Firmware and Driver Pack

    Interesting, it's still the October .150 Marvell driver, not the newer .160 that some people have received.
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    My marvell network driver version is still 14.69.24039.134

    that's interesting because I've gone back and forth from the .134 driver (using Marvell's installer) to .150 several times. Windows Update always brings me back to .150 if I let it.
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    My marvell network driver version is still 14.69.24039.134

    I wonder if there could two variations of the Marvell Avastar 350N in the production runs and that might account for the driver differences. iFixIt found a 88W8797 inside their teardown. Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown - iFixit (I'm still on 14.69.24044.150 as well, I have a 4300u processor)

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