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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    I can't find anything that says it will work. Some mention of a new improved Dock, but will the old one work? They old keyboards will work... I have a dock for my current SP3, considering upgrading to i7, 8gb, 256gb SP4 and need to know if dock will work.
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    High CPU usage, Fan Blasting (Service Host?)

    Noticed recently that my SP3 i7 256gb has been running hot and fan blasting all the time. Checked task manager and this is what I found, 20 minutes after rebooting and not using the surface: Service Host: Local Service (No Network) (4) Base Filtering Engine CoreMessaging Diagnostic...
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    Am I the only one missing the old Win 8.1 Metro Start Screen?

    I really really do not like the new start screen. When in tablet mode, It is not convenient for me to have to open the side scroll app window and scroll through to find the app I want. I really liked the grid app screen in win 8.1. Also, while I do like tablet mode sometimes, I still want to...
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    No More OneDrive Smart Folders

    Well, this sucks. I guess people were complaining that it was confusing having OneDrive show you all of your folders and files in Explorer even if they were not available offline, that Microsoft removed that feature. And I really miss it. I loved having all of my photos being backed up to...
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    Windows 10 Missing Wintab Driver (For Artists)

    If you rely on the Wintab driver for applications like ZBrush on your SP3, it can be found buried here: Click Download and SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM and check next to Click Next to download and install. You...
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    Free up 20GB+ after Win 10 Upgrade

    Go to "This PC" and right click on your C: drive and select Properties. Select "Disk Cleanup" and then "Cleanup System Files". You can choose all the options and it will clean up your old windows install and any extra install and windows update files. Gave me an extra 28GB of space. That's of...
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    Surface Pro 4 Release Date - July 2015

    It will be unveiled at GDC on March 2-6. Mostly rumor, but some of the information is directly from Microsoft. I forgot to link the source:
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    Docking station with 2 pens sale

    $129 at bestbuy. The pens are just tablet stylii, not surface pens. lol, writing fast and spelled sale wrong :)
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    I love my SP3, but I think i'm going for the Companion 2

    I love my SP3, but the new Wacom Companion 2 is pretty slick. If you can get past the price tag, it has everything I wanted in the SP4. Broadwell processor, next generation Intel HD 6100 video card, 13 inch screen, 16 GB or ram and a 512GB SSD for the top of the line model, and of course a Real...
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    Power Cover $75

    If anyone is still looking for one, came across this:
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    This for a Surface Pro would be amazing It would make the Surface Pro not just a laptop replacement, but a desktop replacement. It uses a PCI-Express cable connection to an Alienware laptop, letting...
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    Disable Hyperthreading?

    Is there a way to disable Hyperthreading? Many tasks are not properly multi-threaded and many applications, even while being multi-threaded, still have some tasks within them that don't take advantage of multiple cores. That being said, with Hyperthreading, your physicals cores are split to...
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    Pen Stop working intermittently

    When I'm using the Surface Pen, every few minutes, sometimes more frequent, it would stop responding. The screen doesn't update at all from the pen. Touch input still works. After about 10 to 15 seconds, the Pen starts working again. The Purple button still works when the pen is not recognized...
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    Finally, Surface Pen Button Remapping (Not from Microsoft)

    RadialMenu now lets you remap the 2 buttons on the pen to Right Click and Middle Click. It also supports Hover Click, which is a must for artists. This mimics Wacom Pen button mapping and turn the SP3 into a Cintiq killer. I've already done some Mudbox sculpting and it's really great. I was able...
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    Custom Toolbar

    Since Microsoft still doesn't let you remap the buttons on the pen, I started using this great little toolbar. You can create custom toolbars for any program. This is one I made for Mudbox. It lets me use this program without a keyboard...
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    3rd party chargers?

    There are a bunch on Amazon and Ebay these days going for $20. Has anyone bought one yet? Are they reliable? Prone to fire?
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    SP3 goes to sleep playing Microsoft Silverlight

    My cable company provides an app that uses Microsoft Silverlight to stream cable tv to your computer. When I run it, Windows doesn't detect anything is playing, and goes to sleep while I'm watching the app. Besides setting my SP3 to never sleep, anyone have an idea how to fix this...
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    Replacement i7 SP3 no heat issues

    2 weeks ago I got an i7 SP3 replacement due to screen issues and found that the replacement doesn't have the heat issues I experienced with my Pre-Order SP3. Just watching youtube videos made my original SP3 heat up really bad and the fans blowing at maximum. The new one doesn't do it at all...
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    Touch not working from cold boot

    I've noticed a few times now, when I power up my SP3 (after shutting down completely), touch is not working, neither is pen input. Doing another restart fixes it. Anyone else experience this?
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    Solved Where's the promised Pen Control Panel?

    It's been promised for August, then September, it's now October. Is it really that difficult to program it?

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