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    Windows Phone - Worth Another Try?

    Ok - not a tablet question, I know - but these devices are coming closer together so don't think the question suits the off topic forum. I used the original windows phones for years before apple came along and 'invented' the smartphone and loved them all. Swapped to iPhone 3g when I discovered...
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    Type Keyboard and Windows Button Packed in

    Ok, typical... been using the surface endlessly for a couple of months and thought it would be well up to the task as an emergency dev machine while travelling. A week into Europe my Type Keyboard and Windows key (hardware one on Pro) have both packed in... First the keyboard, dead, nothing...
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    Pro Charger - Missed Oportunity

    OK - so today set up the pro as my laptop replacement at the office. USB3 Hub, external HDD and Monitor, plugged in the charger, USB Hub and Micro DP, all worked really well - apart from the scaling on the external monitor - only when you plug in a monitor you are used to (in this case a 24"...
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    Metro IE Back Page Swipe

    I discovered the back swipe in IE for Metro by accident when trying to swap applications, awesome feature. However it keeps randomly stopping, reboot seems to fix - however I am wondering what the scenarios are when it should work as it seems a bit hit/miss. Anyone else seeing these issues? It...
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    Hi - New UK Pro User

    Hi All Got sick of waiting for the UK release date so used BundleBox to import. Great service. Anyway, the surface is a device that I feel was designed for me and I really did not want to wait any longer. Ironically ordered the Type cover from the UK store and it took longer to get here...

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