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    websurfing on a Surface 2 - will it be much slower than a SP2?

    Hi there, I'm really frustrated: I just HATE surfing on any type of iOS or Android device, because ... you know, it just doesn't work. No flash, rubbish mobile sites, etc... Hence I've got myself a Surface Pro 2, the most frustrating computer experience I've had in my whole life, so I want to...
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    Hyperlinks in Win8 Mail

    Hi there, just wondering how you dial with the fact that Win8 Mail doesn't or poorly supports hyperlinks. Copy/pasting link without keyboard is a nightmare. I haven't tried, but I'd be surprised if there is a better, or even a real good ModernUI mail program in the store. Is it? Cheers...
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    got the march FW update twice - how come?

    Hi there, I havent used my SP2 in a while because Im just waiting for somebody to buy it. Now Im using it and it just installed again the March FW update. I see it clearly in the history. When I recently had the MS support on the phone they told me that the March update is the best and...
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    March FW update failed - doesn't come back

    Hi there, my device did install the march updates automatically and it worked apart from the FW. Now I see the failed FW in the update history but it just doesn't try to update it again. Any way to force that?
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    Closing Type Cover - billions of issues

    Hi there, I have recently posted that the latest firmware (Feb2014) killed my SP2 because suddenly I had fans on at power on, BSODs, and so on. I then thought I fixed it by re-installing the type-cover driver. It really looked good. Now I'm having not the same, but very similar issues...
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    Can Anybody Confirm Better Stylus Precision After Feb Update?

    After the update I have calibrated my stylus and immediately after that I felt that it's perfect now. After one reboot it was gone again and the old rubbish issue is back. So there seems to be the technical possibility to have it perfect but it doesn't seem permanent. Anybody saw a...
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    dead after Feb. Update - they did it again!!

    Hi there, I have installed the Feb. update on my SP2 and I'm having worse issues than ever. 50% of the time it doesn't power up, needs a hard-reset. A regular reboot takes ages and often has a BSOD in between. Every now and then the fans are on - have never heared them ever before. This...
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    Mahjongg Freezes

    Hi all, it's not that my SP2 doesn't have bigger issues than this one, but it really annoys and puzzles me: the 2nd replacement= 3rd device I have, has the issue that the Mahjongg game freezes after some moves. The background wobble continues, it just doesn't accept any Input. After some time...
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    hooray - a new Fimware!

    almost "hooray - a new Fimware!" False alert Am I really the first to notice? My Surface has just installed a "new" Firmware, dated 24.10.2013 :-) But it must be "new" because yesterday and the day before I searched for updates and there were None. I installed immediately. Hoping it would...
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    Did you notice any other improvements on the new CPU units?

    Hi there! I have received my 3rd SP2 today (so the 2nd replacement) and luckily it has no backlight bleeding, so I should be very happy. (and indeed I am, sort of...) However, the MS guy on the phone told me, I'll get one with the new CPU, but this one still has the "old". Ok, so I'm happy...
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    GOOD experience with Advance Replacement service!

    Hi all! I'm moaning a lot about MS and the Surface but this time I have to share some very positive experience: due to the broken driver issue I asked for an adv. replacement and it arrived very quickly. I don't remember how many days it took, maybe 2 or 3. Today the guy called me back as...
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    Store search function - desaster!

    Hi there! More and more often I come across issues with the store search function. Right now I googeled for an alternative modern UI browser and found "UC BrowserHD" I entered it in the store - no result. I found a link that takes you directly to the right page in the store and what' it...
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    wake up problem - thought this is solved?

    Hi there! I currently have two SP2s here. The "old" one and a replacement one from MS. Not sure yet which I shall keep because of another issue. However... today I noticed that the old one wakes up from sleep by itself. I checked the sys logs and found I have exactly this issue: After...
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    another backlight bleeding thread...

    Hi there! I've got a replacement SP2 from MS. The first thing I noticed when I powered it up was "OMG, backlight bleeding!". I didn't know that there is a BLB problem with the SP2, so I really didn't look for anything wrong, it just jumped into my eyes. I've read every BLB thread here and I...
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    200% scaling not available

    Hi there! I just noticed that my SP2 doesn't have a 200% scaling Option, it just goes up to 150% My Dell XPS 13 at work does have 200%. Any clue? What about your's? Thx, regards! reach
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    SP2 still hardly available in stores

    Hi there! Not sure how it's in US, but here in Europe it's still almost impossible to buy an SP2. I have mine already, but I still check availability from time to time and it seems like my batch was the last one that arrived here in Austria (some 3 weeks ago). Looks like there were only 2...
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    the Surface surface ! Very angry!!

    Hi there! I recently complained about one scratch in my Surface's kickstand lid. It was from a piece of metal on my Jeans. Since then, partly because I am(was) still not 100% sure if I'll keep it, I really treated it like a raw egg. Whenever I put it somewhere, I put it on the keyboard's...
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    who calibrated the screen (xda-developers method)

    Hi there! I'm starting to get annoyed by the stylus' precision. You need the stylus to use the file menu when in Desktop mode, but especially on this left top corner it's badly useless. So I'm wondering if any of you has used this method? [HOW TO] PROPERLY calibrate your PEN and fix those...
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    how do you marl, drag and drop on the SP2

    how do you mark, drag and drop on the SP2 Hi there! Of course I'm talking about Desktop mode. I'm looking for a way to mark a bunch of file/folders and copy or move them, but without using the keyboard. Haven't found a good way to do that yet. I just filed a question about the button on the...
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    Button on Stylus

    Hi there! I haven't found a general allways-same use of the stylus' button. Sometimes it works like mouse-rightklick, but no always. Is there one? Thx! reach

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