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    How to set up the Surface 3 pro with a Dock-- what they DON'T tell you

    If you managed to find a dock to go with your Surface Pro 3, you have no doubt discovered that the dock does not work right out of the box. In most cases the video out will not work at all, and the charging port will tell you that it is plugged in but not charging. This, unfortunately, seems...
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    Using the dock with two different Surface Pro 3's

    My wife needed a computer set-up that would allow her to work from home on occasion. She borrowed my Surface 3 Pro to check it out, and liked it. Since it looks like she will be needing a new laptop soon, I set her up with a system based on the Surface Pro 3. I got her the dock and a big...
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    Surface Pro will not work without charger attached, doesn't appear to charge

    I have a Surface Pro I bought just after they came out. Was working OK up until this. Now it will not work unless the charger is attached, and the battery does not appear to be charging. Last night when I plugged it in it showed 34%, same as this morning. I checked the charger and it is...
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    How to make the Surface Pro a killer product

    I'm sure a lot of us here think that the Surface is a great product. Cynic that I am, I'll say it doesn't suck any more than most pieces of digital hardware out there today. However, I'm sure most of us would agree that Microsoft missed a few boats on the overall design. If there are any MS...
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    suggestions for note, email, game apps, why does typing all of a sudden disappear?

    My wife got me the Surface Pro because of the problems I was having with the Mac/iOS platforms. I'm a currency trader, and although there is a Java-based app for the brokers I use, it is obtuse and unreliable, and does not suit my trading style at all. MetaTrader4, the platform I on my main...
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    So, gmail doesn't work with the Surface Pro email app?

    My wife just got me a Surface Pro 128 (I guess misery loves company), and I've been trying to get it to hook up to my gmail account. Even though there's a plain-as-day Google icon on the taskbar, for some reason it says that the log-in information is wrong. I can log into it with the exact...

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