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    EMF Levels in Pro 2

    It was a serious question. I'm sorry members are making light of it. If anyone has actual information relevant to my request, please share it.
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    EMF Levels in Pro 2

    Thanks, but I was not primarily interested in learning the SAR (relevant mainly to cell phones, etc.) but to the intensity of the EMF of the device itself with the WI-FI disabled (as one would measure the EMF of a refrigerator). Google searches have not been fruitful in this regard, and I had...
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    EMF Levels in Pro 2

    Has anyone tested the EMF levels emitted by the Surface Pro 2? I'm especially interested to know what the reading is at the surface of the screen itself (where one touches it) and to know what the levels are at successive distances away from the device.
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    Surface Pro 3 Wish List!

    Thanks to GoodBytes and mennoreg for the detailed answers to my question. It seems it's probably safest to purchase a unit with 128 gb to start with, although I think I could always arrange it so that program files would be stored on the 64 gb hard drive and only docs and music would be on the...
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    Surface Pro 3 Wish List!

    Are there any drawbacks to having a 64 gb drive and addinga 64 gb micro SD instead of buying a 128 gb drive?
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    owner of orignal surface pro and surface pro 2

    If I don't expect to need more than 128 GB, do you think it's wise to buy a unit with only 64 GB and then add a 64 GB micro-card, thus saving substantial money over purchasing a 128 model? Would there be a downside?
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    Speech to text. Works very well with surface Pro onboard microphone.

    DNS Version QUESTION: What version of DNS were you using? Nuance says only 12.5 will work with the Surface Pro 2, but I'm suspicious of that statement.

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