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    Article Stating Weak Microsoft Surface Sales......What Do You Think?

    Here is the link below: J.P. Morgan analyst cites weak Microsoft Surface sales in cutting earnings estimates
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    Bought a Wireless 2 camera Baby Monitoring system and it's messing with my Surface!

    The camera system is a 2.4ghz system, (but then again what isn't anymore?) I was using the surface while the video monitor was right next to the surface and it wouldn't connect to the internet until I turned off the monitor? I turned it back on and it was having issues with the connection to my...
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    Anybody have issues with the 64 Gig SanDisk Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 from Amazon?

    I want to purchase this card for the amazing price that is being offered right not, but I've read many of the comments and it seems like some people are having issues with the card after a couple of weeks not being recognized by their devices and loosing all of their data?:( I'd love to pull...
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    Recommendations on a good Bluetooth mouse that has been proven to work on the Surface

    Since the Surface only has 1 USB port I need to find a good Bluetooth mouse that works well with the Surface? Anybody have any suggestions on what I'm looking for that they have used personally? Thx
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    Hello from Denver, just bought my Surface on Sunday 2nd already had to get a new one!

    Just picked up my 32 gig Surface on Sunday (2nd). I've been following this forum for about a month before I decided to take the plunge and get one. When I went home on Sunday night I did all of the updates that Microsoft had available for the Surface. This also included updating the Office suite...

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