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    Firefox for Modern-Metro 8 UI is dead

    I'm pretty sure I didn't see this posted anywhere here. Not that what Mozilla released (as a beta and mostly Nightlies) was any great shakes, but this kinda sucks. If my understanding is correct, this was never intended to be an RT release anyway so what was the point? (Or am wrong about...
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    CPU seemingly stuck at 2.49 GHz since Jan. updates

    Here we go again. Was wondering why my battery life hasn't been so great lately (around 5:15 hours). Checked the Task Manager and my CPU seems to be pegged at max speed, 2.49 GHz. I went to check the minimum processor setting under the Advanced Power settings and guess what, there are no more...
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    January 14 patch updates and sleep issue

    FYI. I've had sleep issues since installing the Jan 14th patches on my SP2 (4300u). It has stopped "idle" sleeping, meaning after the set amount of time in the Power plan's sleep setting has passed, it won't sleep. It will go to sleep fine if I close the Type Cover, push the power button, run...
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    KB 2911106 - Optional update?

    This update, released Tuesday, seems pretty substantial. Yet it's labeled "optional"?? Anyone know why?
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    Surface Pro 2, All Images Being Dithered?

    OK, I'm a bit stumped. Recently picked up a Surface Pro 2. I have all the latest updates to 8.1 and all that (at least that's what Windows update tells me) All my images are being displayed dithered, like they are being scaled down to 8-bit and there is a smaller color palette to pick from. I...

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