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    Use Bitlocker or not?

    I use bitlocker on external usb hard drives. Thought being if they got stolen, at least the data encrypted. Interesting specs from unruledboy on degradation due to bitlocker.
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    You're welcome.
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    Hey Kayzee, I have one of the original surface pro's with the 128gig SSD. Since purchasing the pro, I put together (literally) a new desktop machine using a mitx form factor motherboard (9.25" square) and I choose SSD's for storage. The computer is fast and although the cooling fans run a bit...
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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    Does someone know if a tool exists for the surface pro that will indicate how much of the SSD's life is left? Thanks.
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    So long everyone :-)

    Wow, sounds cool. Thanks for the mini-review!
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    SP2 Micro SD card

    Yep, mine is pretty easy to take out too..... oops, on the SP, not SP2.
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    Bluetooth mouse will MURDER your WIFI speed!

    Wow, unfortunately there are still problems in this area. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Surface Pro 10/4/2013 Firmware Update

    I tried the update but for my astronomical software, OpenGL failed. I had to roll back the driver. Nice find thought.
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    Bluetooth Mouse Recommendation?

    > There is now a Surface Edition Arc Touch Mouse Yea, I saw this too, will have to see how small it is.
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    Pre order or store order?

    I thought about a SP2 but am dragging my feet for wanting to see what other manufactures bring out. So the original SP will do fine for the next several months
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    Bluetooth Mouse Recommendation?

    Ha, sounds good. My T630 came yesterday from Amazon.... it's a keeper. I've tried many Bluetooth mice and its the best so far. Two thumbs-up:shocked:
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    Surface Pro 2 battery - user replaceable????

    Just got my Logitech t630 in the mail. Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 for Windows 8 Touch Gestures (910-003825): Computers & Accessories Ha, the directions tell you how to take it apart to remove the rechargeable battery:cool: for safe disposal. Unfortunately they don't...
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    Who is pre-ordering? And which model are you pre-ordering?

    Not me. I will be looking at other manufactures 8.1 tablets though.... compare with the pro. Otherwise there is still plenty of life left in mine. I would also want to hear if wi-fi/Bluetooth/open gl issues, etc., have been resolved.... hello forums. Or if there are new issues. Time will tell.
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    Surface Pro 2 battery - user replaceable????

    That's too bad. Cell's are made for extreme ease of battery replacement. It certainly shouldn't be difficult to design into tablets. Have you ever seen the electronics that are thrown away? Sad. To me $1000 gadget isn't a throw away after a couple of years because a battery goes bad.... a...
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    Surface Pro 2 battery - user replaceable????

    Anyone know if the surface pro 2's battery is user replaceable?
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    Orange flashing light inside my Surface Pro....?

    The NSA chip is on:shocked: and monitoring your activity.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Who's Waiting for It?

    I hope the internal rechargeable battery is user replaceable.
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    Intel Releases Updated Generic Drivers for Intel HD4000 Graphics, Fixes Bugs

    Just installed on my SP 8.0.... it works.... including OpenGL..... Hopefully MS will get it into the updates queue shortly.

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