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    8.1 Update 1 fixes tap and drag!!!

    what? all that setting does is change the acceleration of the cursor. has nothing to do with tracking your finger on the touchpad.
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    i've got to say, this one is as bad for me as the botched december firmware update, when I sent them back for replacement. 8.1 update 1 is causing the system to crash every time it goes to sleep (fans full speed, then windows reboots); tap and drag is nice, but implemented very poorly; and i...
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    Sometimes when turning screen off, the fan goes INTENSE for several seconds. Crash!

    i'm having the same problem. definitely related the 8.1 update 1 that just came out.
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    8.1 Update 1 fixes tap and drag!!!

    i like that they have added this feature.. however.. i feel that the implementation isn't that great. for example, when i'm in gmail, selecting (checkboxes) my emails in a list, it now wants to drag instead of allowing me to select multiple boxes at once. IE the delay period for sensing a...
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    who calibrated the screen (xda-developers method)

    i found the stock calibration to be best TBH. tried all of the different methods including the 256 point one.
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    Type Cover and "Functions"

    if you use the function keys (F1-F12), more than the associated actions on them, you can lock it into F-key mode by pressing Caps + Fn together.
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    Drag gestures with touchpad?

    i think that may be a windows 8 app, not a windows 8.1 app. simply because its functionality is built into the settings area now. it also doesn't work for me (type cover 2)
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    Track Pad Driver Bug Type Cover 1 & 2

    it seems that the SP2 is losing settings after a while. i know other people have had this problem too, where the trackpad scrolling direction will reverse (even if the setting is off in settings). if you disconnect/reconnect the type cover 2, it fixes itself. it's happening to me extremely...
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    using headphones-how?

    you probably need to push the plug into the jack a little bit further
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    Pen Accuracy and Calibration

    your new unit doesn't have any issues? i find the pen calibration/tracking is excellent in the middle of the screen, but it seems it loses resolution near the edges (ie. when you see the pen cursor on the screen, if you move it anywhere in the middle it will move pixel by pixel, but on the edges...
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    Youtube freeze in IE

    having something similar in firefox/youtube when i try to access any controls on a video.
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    Drag gestures with touchpad?

    i'm able to do them now as well, just wasn't swiping fast enough. i'm assuming the touchpad is using the same technology as the touch cover, which is why it's fairly inaccurate and doesn't use physical buttons
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    Drag gestures with touchpad?

    I think this is what you are referring to: Microsoft Surface Touchpad: A built-in mouse | Surface touchpad settings Touchpad gestures available on all Typing Covers Action Touchpad gesture Move the on-screen pointer Drag your finger on the touchpad Left click Tap one finger anywhere...

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