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  1. dallasfreak

    Its a sad day

    ITS A SAD day PC has yet seen use since I received my surface RT in November......its lonely and scared it my just be turn into a paper weight can I show her love again day I will get my music from her insides .....oh what I can just stream that from her.....Paper...
  2. dallasfreak

    apps on surface and laptop

    If I buy an app on my Surface do I still have to buy the app on my laptop to play the app on my laptop?
  3. dallasfreak

    windows8 for PC wasteofmoney

    Ok this is my point !!!! I received my Surface on Nov.9th and downloaded windows 8 for my pc on Nov 5 ! that being said I played with windows 8 for 4 days and have not turn on my PC since the 9th ......thus waste of 40.00 ......damn somebody should have warn me about the addiction to the...
  4. dallasfreak

    transfer video

    How do I transfer video that I took with the Surface to the USB stick......Dallasfreaking:confused:
  5. dallasfreak

    Music app

    OK the music app sucks ,sucks sucks once again it cuts off lags what the hell its a music the hell can MS get this so wrong !!!! already called ,deleted updated ,restarted , updated ,deleted .....hello none of the above works !!!! the help was great on the phone but two hours later the...
  6. dallasfreak

    Hello from Pensacola

    There are a lot of haters out there ,with all the negative reviews on the web people are judging with out testing it out for themselves . I live in Florida and went to Atlanta to the MS store to see first hand....also to see Dallas get beat by Atlanta :(....... and I was very happy with the feel...

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