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    Code 28 and code 1 when installing drivers

    Is anyone else experiencing issues when installing some drivers? I am getting a message saying that there was "an issue installing the driver (code 28)" when I try to install the driver for Surface Cover Telemetry, as well as a similar "code 1" for the wireless network from the January 2014 pack.
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    Which 8'' tablet for the gym?

    Hi, I am a happy owner of a Surface 2 Pro, but I am looking for a smaller tablet that I can bring t the gym to logg my workouts, and for music over Bluetooth, anyone got a recommendation for a tablet for this use, or am I better off waiting for the Surface mini?
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    Is the PTV3000 supposed to work now?

    Hi, I have a SP2, and a PTV3000, but my SP2 does not find a been ything when I am searching for it. As far as I have understood this has been a known issue, but is it supposed to work now?
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    Has anyone got it working with Asus Miracast Dongle?

    Hi, I've picked up one of the Asus dongle, but I am unable to get it working. My surface 2 Pro discovers it, and it initiates the pairing just fine, but the pairing code is only available for a split second, so I am unable to complete the pairing process. I Guess this is the wrongpart of the...

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