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    Surface RT suddenly stopped charging and won't power up

    Surface RT working a like a charm until the last set of updates and now I am not able to power it on. Have tried multiple OEM chargers and no white light indicator. The RT attempts to power up with a flash of the surface boot screen then battery indicator with 1 bar and then dark.
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    Does the original type and touch covers work with the Surface 2

    Checking to see if the original type and touch covers that came out with the Surface RT work with the Surface 2? My surface RT has stopped taking a charge and of course is out of warranty and will cost $220 to swap out with a Surface 2. If I have to get all new peripherals in addition to the...
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    Surface RT suddenly stopped charging and won't power up

    Have a Surface RT that doesn't seem to be responding to depressing the on/off switch. Mine displays the boot -up surface screen and then the battery status (with 1 bar) and then goes dark. The last time this RT was used was to do the most recent windows updates. Not exactly sure what may be...
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    Desktop Skydrive icon still showing instead of Onedrive on Surface RT

    Just a question! On my desktop the icon notes Skydrive instead of the new revised name of "OneDrive". Just thought Microsoft would have pushed out an update to change the name on their own devices. Anyone else notice this on their machine. No complaints just an observation... I'm up to...
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    Question about small "number 2 after the word box" on the lock screen

    Hopefully there is a easy answer. Currently, have a Surface RT along with type cover connected and have noticed recently that on the front lock screen just across from the "time and network display" at the bottom left corner there appears the following "box 2". This only occurs after the...
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    Will the Pen that comes with the Surface Windows Pro work on the Surface RT?

    With today's announcement of the "Surface Windows Pro" model and the accompanying Pen that's included. Will this be available and work with the Surface RT? Seems like a handy device for those who purchased the RT as well. One can hope.... Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

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