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    Type Cover issues after 1.5 years

    Hi! I’ve had my SP2 for one and a half years. Until now, every time I lifted the Surface from the table, the type cover automatically disabled so that you can fold it back and grab it comfortably without having to take care not to press any key. However, today I noticed that the type cover now...
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    Stuck at Getting Devices Ready after Firmware installation

    Hi! I hadn't installed any update on my SP2 since February, but today I decided to install the most recent firmware update it showed (11th March update). It rebooted, installed everything and then it got stuck at the black screen with the white Surface logo saying Getting Devices Ready (or...
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    Really poor battery life with PDF reading

    Hey all! Today I’ve been reading a 600 pages PDF document (basically text and graphs) with the W8 default Reader and also making annotations on it with the Stylus. I noticed my SP2 became quite hot, with the fans working every now and then. I checked the task manager and saw the Reader had a...
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    How to completely kill UI apps

    Hi! I've noticed that when I close a Modern UI app by dragging it from the top of the screen to the bottom, if I go to the Task Manager, the app is still there, consuming RAM memory (and consuming battery, I guess) and the only way to get rid of it is shooting it down from the Task Manager. Is...
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    Contrast problem with dark images

    Hi! I've noticed with my SP2 there's a problem with the contrast of dark images, specially night skies. I first noticed that playing Skyrim. I thought it was something related to the game, so I didn't pay much attention to that. However, today I've replaced the wallpaper of the desktop mode with...
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    I performed a battery test

    Hi! I've just performed a battery test with my SP2 to check how long it lasted. I disabled Dropbox, 'cause it is supposed to consume a lot of power. I also configured the tablet so that it neither went to sleep nor turned the screen off. I left screen brightness at 55-60% (autobrightness on)...
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    Surface changes the clock time

    Hi all! My SP2 has just changed the time of the clock all alone. Now it's 23:06 and it's showing 18:40. The same happened last week. I just corrected the time manually, and problem solved, for some days at least, but it's quite weird, isn't it? Has anyone had the same issue? I cannot...
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    Blue Screen of Death

    Hi everyone! I've been having my SP2 for about 3 weeks. Throughout these weeks, I've had a blue screen of death 3-4 times (which makes an average of 1 blue screen per week). The last one was 10 min ago, telling me the computer had to be rebooted because of a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. That's...
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    How to erase old files after Update

    hi! when i did the last windows update, I noticed the downloaded files occupied about 500mb. I expected the older files to be removed after installing the update (replaced by the new ones). However, I realised that the free space on my SSD had been reduced by 500mb, so I guess the computer has...
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    Problems with Sleeping Mode

    Hi! Since the las update, sometimes when I put the tablet to sleeping mode (either closing the type cover or pressing the power button), instead of the sleeping mode it shoots down or it goes to hibernation (not sure which one of these happens), and the only way to have it working again is...
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    Microsoft Repair Service

    Hi! I'm about to buy a Surface Pro 2, but I've got a question about Microsoft's repair service. I read on a website that there is no repair service from Microsoft. They said that if you shatter your screen, they will not replace it, they will offer you a new Surface Pro for 450$. Is that true...
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    Hello from Catalonia!

    Hi everyone! I am about to buy a Surface Pro 2 (128gb model), so here I am! I’d like to learn as much as I can about this device and I think this forum can be a great help. Until yesterday, I was really determined to buy the Surface Pro 2, but I discovered some drawbacks which are making me...

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