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    metro keyboard resize

    I was reading another thread on here that died some months ago about this topic. I'm not a developer, I'm just a user interested in resizing the on screen keyboard in metro, the default one that pops up. I saw on a previous thread that there was a setting in the registry that controlled the...
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    Samsung commercial misses

    Anyone else see the latest Samsung "I can multi-task in split screen" commercial? The iPad users are like "mine cannot do that" and the Kindle users are like "mine cannot do that either." Then they take a jab at the Surface, "excuse me sir, can you please move your laptop?" "Well it does have...
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    Skype in Metro

    Anyone have any issues with the front camera cutting in and out when using Skype in Metro? What I mean is I can see my video going out and freezing periodically and when this is happening I can see the light for my front camera going on and off. Tried re-installing metro Skype, but no change...
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    Skinomi case

    Got my Skinomi brushed metal vinyl skin and installed it last night. Looks pretty slick and adds some texture to the device for grip. I had the black carbon fiber style one on my RT. The carbon fiber one is thicker. Pretty easy to install and adds some protection, its a dry installation...
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    Adjust desktop size on display out

    On my last computer I had a NVIDIA card and it had a control panel where I could adjust the size of my desktop. When I'd hook that old lapper up to my TV via HDMI I could not see the edges of my desktop and there was a utility where I could basically resize my desktop to fit my TV screen. My...
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    Skype camera issues SP2

    So, used Skype for the first time since getting my SP2 this morning for about 45 minutes. While using it I noticed freezing on the video, the video that was being sent out from my SP2. Now, I know quality isn't perfect all the time, but I noticed the light for my front camera flashing, going...
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    SP2 Doesn't sleep just shuts off

    Searched and had no luck, maybe I wasn't searching the right terms. When I had my RT I would close the cover and the device would sleep I believe and as soon as I'd open the cover back up, BAM! The login screen was there. I could hear the notifications when I would get emails and such while...

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