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    Replacing battery in Surface Pro 2017?

    I bought the Surface Pro 2017 new and about 5 months in, the battery capacity was about 88%. This was determined by the Microsoft Store employee when running the BatteryInfoViewer software, and offered to swap for a refurb, which I didn't want. Now a year later I'm running the BatteryInfoViewer...
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    Accidentally found a Windows keyboard shortcut feature...

    I was in Firefox trying to press ALT + Left Arrow to go the the previous screen, and I mistakenly pressed the Windows Key + Left Arrow, and it shifted the window to the left half of the screen. Curious, I pressed Windows Key + Right Arrow, goes to right side. Windows Key + Down Arrow restores...
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    File Explorer pinned to Taskbar - opens to specific folder?

    I have File Explorer pinned to the Taskbar, but it always opens to 'Libraries'. Is there any way to have it open to a folder of my choosing? Or at least open to 'Computer'? Thanks
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    touch screen lock / child mode?

    Is there a feature for the Surface Pro that allows the screen to be locked so as to not respond to a touch input? Maybe "unlock" with use of a stylus or volume buttons, etc...
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    Bluetooth microphone confusion

    I'm often using my bluetooth headphones (Motorola S305) with my SP, and am able to get audio to work just fine, but it's the microphone that seems to be an issue. When I try to set up the microphone in the Microphone Setup Wizard, I only see the built-in SP mic to select as an option...
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    Sign out of Live account?

    I'm considering setting up a Live account and would like to know if (and how) I can sign out of the Live account on my Surface Pro. If this is done, would I still have access to any apps that may have been downloaded from the Store?
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    Play/Pause button for INactive media window?

    I do a lot of transcribing and taking notes from audio programs, and often switch back and forth between MS Word and my media player (VLC). How can I make the Play/Pause button on the type keyboard function when VLC is not the active window?
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    Installing apps outside the store

    I'm new to the Surface Pro, and to Windows 8. I was looking through the store, and was wondering if there was a way to install apps without using the store. I'm not interested in creating a Live account, so maybe I can contact the app developer directly? Or is there another way? Similar to...
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    Solved Type cover not working

    I just bought a Surface Pro today with a type cover, and the type cover does not register when connected. There were one or two quick instances when the cover would work, but now it doesn't. I tried disconnecting it, turning the screen off then on, resetting, and nothing. Is it me, or am I...
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    SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card $49.99 at Best Buy

    Just a heads up, Best Buy is selling the SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card for $49.99 this week (6/9/13 - 6/16/13). Their regular price is $69.99, Amazon is $50.51 (2 weeks ago it was $42.XX on Amazon, which Best Buy refused to price match).
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    MUST I have a Live account to use the Surface Pro??

    I've been in the market for a laptop for some time now, and had my eye on the Samsung Series 9. Then I saw in Best Buy the Surface Pro (which I had never seen before or known about). I was very impressed that it was a tablet with full Windows on it, AND a keyboard. Very cool! So now I'm...
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    Where's the best place to buy the Surface Pro?

    I realize the prices are pretty much the same everywhere, but I'm wondering where might the best place to buy from is. Considering return/warranty policy, bonus accessories/gift cards/promos, etc... Best Buy has the 128GB model for $1000 + tax. Amazon is $1050 I'd also like the Type cover and...

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