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    Power cover bug

    Just got one to improve battery life, and it shows up in the battery icon, and charges to 100% but when I run off AC power, the main battery is consumed first and just dies after it goes to 0. I guess I can play the reset, update driver, etc.. game again but the number of bugs on SP is...
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    surface pro 64 for $287!

    On Microsoft store, student pricing. Surface Pro - Microsoft Store Canada Online Store
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    Uh oh the 1/15 driver update just dropped

    For surface pro 1s. I'm not sure if this is new but its the first time its showed up in updates that I've seen.
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    Surface Pro 3 Wish List!

    Haters gonna hate, but what do people want in the SP3!? -- Fix all of the power and cover bugs! -- 12" screen without making the form factor much bigger (by making the bezel much smaller and only increasing overall size a bit) -- Make the covers slightly bigger to match bigger screen and...
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    Surface Pro common BUGS and SOLUTIONS

    Hi everyone, UPDATED 2/3/14 I have a new Surface Pro (1), 128GB, updated to windows 8.1 with all updates and no other programs installed. With this default configuration I've found several (arguably) major bugs and wanted to share the repro steps and solutions for all of the big bugs I'm...
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    New Surface Pro Owner Experience So Far...

    Hi all, I just bought a Surface Pro (1) 128GB from the MS store for $540 (they agreed to student discount) plus the type cover 2. I thought I'd write here on my experience so far to perhaps help someone else who is thinking about a SP and to get feedback on some of my thoughts/opinions. First...

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