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  1. mph

    Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711

    Hey guys, I'm getting really frustrated by now. For starters here my setup: Surface Pro (gotten today) Dell U2711 (DisplayPort Connector) DisplayPortCable by Dell After Market mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adaptor I tried almost all day to get this working, since it's pretty ital...
  2. mph

    USB 3.0 Accessorie - USB Sharing 3Ports

    Hey Guys, i know its a bit overdone opening a thread about this but i didnt found anything about it: since the surfece pro got just one USB3.0 port and a legacy dockingstation ist not in sight i wonder if anyone is using some sort of USB Sharing Device paired wth a USB3.0 Hub. my wish...
  3. mph

    Wireless Surround Sound (5.1) possible on Pro

    Hey guys, I was wondering, whether it's possible to stream 5.1 audio from the Surface to a 5.1 active Surround System (Teufel Concept E Magnum) Why am I asking: The 5.1 system is recently connected to my Desktop PC. I Would like to share these with my future pro. Current Setup: - 1...
  4. mph

    Greetings from the Old Continent

    Hi there, it seems like i'm not the only one eager to buy a surface pro, who lives in the wrong place in the world right now ;) Anyways, just want to get informed so i can get startet with the surface as soon as i get my hands on my own one

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