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    Fix for suspend/resume crashes?

    Has anyone found a permanent fix for the suspend/resume crashes that have plagued the SP2 since day 1? We haven't seen any firmware updates in a while and I fear the surface team has moved on to the SP3 without resolving this critical issue. Anyone? Thanks, Jon
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    Installing .Net 3 and prior?

    I have a number of applications including battery bar pro I'd like to install which require older .net libraries. I should be able to add them by selecting .Net3 in the windows add/remove features. This always fails with a network timeout... googling shows lots of people with the same problem...
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    Force WiFi 5GHz

    I have WAPs running 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi around my house. Whenever the Pro 2 is in range of any of the 2.4GHz WAPs, it insists on connecting to the slower 802.11g device instead of the speedy 5GHz 802.11n WAP. All of the other devices around the house (linux, mac, ios, android) happily prefer the...

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