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    Upgrade RAM on Surface Pro 5

    Thanks for the info Jeff.
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    Upgrade RAM on Surface Pro 5

    I had a Surface Pro 4, 16GB i7. I had a repair shop replace the battery because it was bulging so badly that it split the display from the frame. The repair person said that there was something wrong with the power supply hardware because it will not recharge the new battery. He tried another...
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    Copy data from Surface Pro 4's SSD disk

    Thanks guys. I'm gonna buy an external SSD enclosure and copy the data over.
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    Copy data from Surface Pro 4's SSD disk

    Hi, I have (corrected - "had") a Surface Pro 4, i7 CPU/16GB RAM/256SSD drive. The battery was bloated so I took it to a 3rd party repair store to replace the battery. This is the 2nd time I've had to replace the battery. The first time the battery was replaced, the repair store replaced it...
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    Problem with OneNote

    Hello. I have a MSFT Surface Pro 4 that I use as my personal laptop at work. I use OneNote for taking notes. It is connected to my OneDrive account. I used OneNote. It's the one that is displayed when I click the Microsoft Icon in the bottom left and listed under "Play and explore." I took...

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