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    power button action - turn off screen

    Does anyone know if this is possible somehow? Ive had my Surface Pro 2 for a year now, and the the first 6mo or so i've had the screensaver disabled and its either on 24/7 or its in sleep mode via the external power button. The problem is using 'sleep' disables the wifi, or at least enough that...
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    Device Waking from Sleep Mode

    I've been noticing that my SP2 will occasionally wake from being put into sleep mode (via power switch) and its getting quite annoying. The reason its annoying is because 95% of the time its by the side of my bed, and i'll either be in bed watching TV and catch it in the corner of my eye sat...
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    SP2 Wall Mount accessory

    Does anyone know of a wall mounting solution for the Surface Pro? I bought a Dockem Koala having seen Surface in a description from someone selling them on ebay a while back, but the Pro is too thick to slot in. Im not sure if i wasnt paying attention and its fine for RT but not Pro, or it...

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