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    Screen cracked

    :( I woke up this morning to find the screen on my Surface Book cracked along the top just below the cameras. I have looked after this thing and always keep in in a Thule sleeve. I'm away on holidays until Christmas so the MS return process is going to be awkward but I shall see how it goes...
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    Firmware Update 2 Dec

    Another firmware update just dropped. Hope it fixes all outstanding issues. Download and installed successfully for me.
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    Firmware Update 18 Nov

    I just got a large firmware update to my i7 Surface Book. Download and install went smoothly. It seems stable so far but it's only been 10 minutes.
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    Surface dock without keyboard

    My Surface Book and Dock has not shipped yet (Australia) but I am wondering if the SB will successfully connect to the dock without the keyboard attached? I ride my bicycle to work and it would be nice to travel light and leave the keyboard at home where I use it most. At work I have 2 x 27"...

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