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  1. J

    System time off after hibernating

    For the last couple of weeks I noticed my system time is off after hibernating or sleep. I'll close my SP3 and when I wake up in the morning the time is from last night. Anyone know what is causing this? I know on a desktop it can mean the BIOS battery can be bad.
  2. J

    Fake charger?

    I just purchased an extra charger at Best Buy and it looks different than the original charger that was included with my Surface Pro 3. The charger block does not have the Microsoft holographic sticker and the charger cable is missing the rubber clip on the chord. Are all extra chargers like this?
  3. J

    Normal for fan to run even when only browsing the web?

    I have a SP3 i5 256gb with a UAG case. My fan runs once in a while when I am just browsing the web. Is this normal? Sometimes it's on full blast. It's really loud and you can feel the air blowing pretty hard. Is it my case that is causing it to overheat? When I am on youtube or playing...
  4. J

    Charge Indicator Light

    Is the charge indicator light supposed to turn off when fully charged? My SP2 turns off when fully charged. I also had to exchange my first SP3 and I thought I remembered the first SP3's light turning off when fully charged as well. My 2nd SP3 light never turns off.
  5. J

    Sync Android or Google Calendar with Windows Calendar in Surface?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am trying to sync my Google/Gmail calendar with the calendar in windows. I got Live.Com/ to import my Google Calendar by subscribing to my Google accounts ICAL. However, it will only import when first subscribing then it will not automatically sync...
  6. J

    Serial Numbers in Sequential Order?

    Anyone know if the serial numbers are in sequential order? I did an in store exchange when I first purchased my Surface Pro 2 and the replacement had a higher serial number. I also received 2 advanced replacements later one and both of those had lower replacement numbers. I did another in...
  7. J

    Screen Protector?

    Just curious, but how many of you are using a screen protector on your Surface? I had a Tech Armor screen protector on mine since I got it. It hard and feels like glass (best screen protector I've found) but I just had my device replaced and I still haven't put a screen protector on the new...
  8. J

    SP2 Warranty Exchanges

    Anyone know if MS is replacing warranty exchanges with new in retail box SP2's or are they shipping refurbished units?
  9. J

    Dead pixel only in Metro Internet Explorer?

    I have a weird dead pixel problem. I have a white/dead pixel that shows up only when using Metro Internet Explorer. It only shows up on the top left corner of the back button when you swipe up and sometimes it will move to the top left of the first tab when you swipe up. It goes away when the...
  10. J


    Is Antivirus necessary on an SP2?
  11. J

    Screen Brightness

    My Pro 2 screen seems darker than my Pro 1. I have to set the brightness to about 75% to have the white on this forum be bright. I think on my Pro 1 I only needed to set it for the screen to be bright. Are you guys experiencing a dark screen too?
  12. J

    256gb from MS store on back order?

    Just curious, but does anyone have a 256 Pro 2 on back order from Some people are saying their received theirs before their ship by date of Dec 15th even though that was the date given when they ordered. Is Dec 15th a marketing ploy?
  13. J

    Pro 2 Stand Defect

    Have any of you noticed if your Pro 2 has a slight bulge in the back where the flap for the stand and back of the device meet? If I run my finger from the rear camera down to where it says "Surface" , I can fee a rise in the flap when it is closed.
  14. J

    Surface Challenge Launch Event

    Did anyone of you go to the Surface Challenge? How was the turn out? I went to the one here in Scottsdale Arizona and the turn out was mediocre. I was first told they would have a vary limited number of Pro 2's but can't disclose which ones or how many. I wanted the 256 but they said they...
  15. J

    Pro 2 store availability on release date?

    Anyone know if the MS stores will have any Pro 2's available on release date or are they only doing pre-orders? I called my local MS store to ask about the availability of the 256gb but the guy I spoke to said no because those are not being released until Dec 15th because that's what the...
  16. J

    Screen Protector?

    How many of you guys are using a screen protector on your SP? I have a type cover so I'm worried about the keys scratching the screen so I'm using a Zagg Invisible shield. But the knobs on the "F" and "J" keys leave lines on the screen protector. I know the SP have Gorilla glass but I'm...
  17. J

    High pitched noise from bottom left of SP

    My SP is making a high pitched static/screeching sound from the bottom left corner of the device. I starts as soon as I startup the SP and does not stop. I can only hear it in a quiet room or if I hold it up to my ear. I'm typing this in my bedroom and the sound is faint but it's giving me a...

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