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    Very Interesting Article on the Surface Pro storage

    "The MacBook Air 128 gives you 77.3 percent of the advertised storage space for user data. The Surface Pro 128 gives you 75.2 percent of its advertised capacity for storing data. And with one minor tweak that doesn’t affect the system’s capabilities in any way, you can increase the amount of...
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    Surface Pro did what it set out to do

    The Surface Pro is a success without selling one unit. Look at Lenovo's Helix Sony's Viao and Dell's XPS convertibles Microsoft has forced other OEMs to push Windows 8 like they may not have without the Surface. Those same models could has very well been meant for Android (Chromebooks)...
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    Very thorough review on the Pro

    The Verge, CNET and Slashgear have released their reviews on youtube. Ubergizmo has release a really thorough review on their site which I'd recommend: Microsoft Surface Pro Review | Ubergizmo
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    Looks like MS got the all clear for the Surface Pro

    Can't believe everything you read on the internet(s). Looks, like the Surface pro just passed FCC requirements... Microsoft News | The Surface Pro may just have passed through the FCC
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    Cool Comparison to Today's Business Form Factors

    GDGT put together a nice little comparison of the Surface Pro and our current business machines (T520, 3 Apple machines). I have a T520 and would like the Pro to replace it. Looks like it may be possible: Compare laptops / portables - gdgt My only fear is when I get into large spread...
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    Microsoft Home Use Program

    Does anyone know if this will be an allowed option for MS Office on the Pro?

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