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    windows wont boot

    Thank you for your help agian. My laptop also has a uefi bios. I dont have a external cd/dvd drive. Microsoft also did not have a answer so they said i could my surface for repair. So with no clue what to do next and don't spent any money on a external dvd drive i see no option but sending it...
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    windows wont boot

    Thank you Robert for your reaction, This unfortunaly failed ,as i am able to go with the volume up button to the menu and disable secure boot. It still will not boot from the usb stick. I am able to boot from it on my laptop but maybe i need a special windows 8 to boot it on the surface...
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    windows wont boot

    Best fellow surfuce pro users. I got from my girlfriend her surface pro to repair. She told me that from one moment the tablet had a blue screen. And asked politly if i could help her. Turning the device on gave me a blue screen that said recovery and gave me this information Your PC...

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