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  1. J

    League of Legends

    Hi Guys, Was wondering, do any of you guys play LoL? Did you try playing LoL on your surface pro? I bought my surface pro, and a type cover 2, for pretty much playing just LoL. It runs awesome, 60 FPS and 30ish during team fights. Never drops below 30. How bout you guys?
  2. J

    Standard Exchange-In Warranty

    Has anyone ever used Microsoft's online service center to do an exchange for their surface? They have two options the standard and the advanced exchange, I had to send mine in for standard exchange a couple of days ago, and was wondering if anybody else had experiences with it.
  3. J

    Crack on top of the fan vent? Anyone else?

    I have a surface pro, and on top of the fan vent, there is crack across the little ribs on the fan vent. Its only on the top, and not the sides. Im not sure if its a crack or not, but it seems like the ribs are disconnected. Anyone else examine this?

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