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    Surface 2 Cover

    I was hoping the new lighter coating might be better than the coating on my Pro 1, but unfortunately it still chips too. In fact i managed to chip it even faster and worse than what I experienced with my Pro 1. So be careful out there..... Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Tides Starting to Change?

    Of course there will be an influx of new posters, convertors due to the new products. However it is interesting to me all the new users coming here with positive experiences so far and then I also saw this ZDnet article today: Surface 2: Thinking different about my device experience | ZDNet...
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    Surface 2 – Fact vs Fiction

    Someone in another thread had asked for a Surface review from actual users instead of Journalists. Instead, I thought I go through the “Cons” from the various news agencies and try to provide some real world perspective. I am only covering the “Cons” because I think there is a little ninja...
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    Disappearing Trackpad Defect Still Exists

    I can confirm this morning that the disappearing trackpad defect has not been fixed with Type 2 / Surface 2. I was optimistic after not having it happen at all yesterday, but it reared its ugly head this morning on me. I hope they can get this one fixed sooner than later - defects that...
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    Second Generation Products / Accessories - Love, Like, & Hate?

    So curious what everyone thinks that received their stuff today? Here is some of what I love, like, & hate: Love: -Surface 2 size, feel, & speed: I haven't opened my Pro 2 yet and I'm coming from the Pro 1. I really love the performance I'm getting out of the Surface 2 given the size...
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    Disable swipe charm feature on Type 2?

    Man the swipe charm feature is annoying. I guess I don't have pinpoint accuracy and if I am just slightly off the trackpad that stupid side charm fires off rather than moving the cursor. Can I disable this somewhere?
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    After details from today's Apple event...

    You know every one of their products is going to get a higher review than the surface, but as an ex-Apple nut I am thankful I broke away after seeing the last two press events. It may not be as fast, but the S2 is a ton more useful than the iPad Air or iPad Mini retina will ever be. I'm not...
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    Multi Touch on New Type keyboards?

    Has anyone seen any depth as to improvements with the trackpads on the new keyboards? I think the multi touch, especially two finger scrolling, is not consistent enough on my current type keyboard. I've ultimately stopped trying to use it all together because I just got tired of the...
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    Surface Ordering Problems?

    Is anyone else having problems pre-ordering their Surface 2 / Pro 2? I called about 10 minutes after the pre-orders opened up yesterday and I have still yet to get an order through. The service from Microsoft Store has been terrible too - more than I care to get in here. It's been one of my...
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    Intermittent Wireless - Get It Together Microsoft

    So this is my third attempt at 8.1 and second Surface Pro using it because my other just got replaced 3 weeks ago due to dying pixels. I installed the RTM off TechNet yesterday, and still have that intermittent wireless problem. It has happened 3 times now in less than 24 hours. Are you...

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