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  1. Tekn0

    Cancelled my Surface Pro 2 256/8GB order :(

    Unfortunately, here in Germany (at least in the part where I live) it appears the 256/8GB version is permanently out of stock and delivery from the USA is going to take months not weeks. The Microsoft sales guy in the MediaMarket store told me, when I made the order, it'll take 2 months, I did...
  2. Tekn0

    Approximate estimate of battery lifetime

    Considering daily usage of the Surface Pro 2 (not gaming) but browsing, painting, drawing apps etc. for average of 4 hours and charging it at 10% each time per cycle. how long do you think the SP2's battery will last until the unit becomes near unusable? Again, I'm NOT knocking on the fact that...
  3. Tekn0

    Investors want Microsoft to kill Surface

    Investors want Microsoft?s new CEO to kill Xbox, Bing and Surface I really really hope this does not happen… :(
  4. Tekn0

    Germany still selling 4200U Surface Pros :(

    So I finally took a look at the Surface Pro 2 in real. Pretty shocked at how tiny the screen is... anyway, I also wasn't pleased that they're still selling the 4200 CPUs 4/128GB versions. Aren't these all supposed to be "gone" by now? Also, the 256GB version is.. as usual... out of...
  5. Tekn0

    Surface Pro 2 in Germany? Surface Pro for Artwork?

    I'm looking to buy the 256 GB Surface Pro 2 in Germany. It's currently out of stock in the stores I checked ( and in Germany (the 256 GB version) and the waiting time is "more than 4 weeks". In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone here is from Germany and has...

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