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  1. tarrant64

    W10-All Builds - Randomly re-arranged Start Menu Apps/Programs

    Anyone else struggle with this? My pinned apps and programs in the Start Menu will often move around slightly. Can never get a solid looking start menu because of this. Driving me nuts.
  2. tarrant64

    Solved Screen blinks momentarily plugging in power supply

    Whenever I plug in or unplug my power supply for my SP3 the screen goes black momentarily and comes back. I would imagine it's changing some kind of screen setting - but my SP2 did not do this and it's slightly annoying. Can someone tell me if this is normal or there's a power setting I can...
  3. tarrant64

    Finally...128GB micro sd

    SanDisk Packs 128GB Into A MicroSD Card | TechCrunch Should be available this week, at least at Best Buy and Amazon. Hope price is reasonable! What do you guys use your micro sd's for? I have a 32GB and 64GB - one for games and another for movies. Updated: Link to Best Buy $199 (they may...
  4. tarrant64

    Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) - Free 100GB if you login soon...

    Puzzle was released a little bit ago from Microsoft's OneDrive team with the following information. If you login around 2:11PM ET today and you are one of the first 100,000 to do so you will get a free 100GB upgrade to your OneDrive account for a year. Just a heads up.:) Thought it may help...

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