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    Should I buy Surface RT over Surface pro

    If you need to run desktop apps get a Pro or equivalent tablet. If you are OK with just running Windows Store apps, Office, and IE 10 then the RT should work just fine. I've also read that there are new tablets on the way that have Atom chips that should be priced around the same as the ARM...
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    Audio & Camera Uodates -

    You should not be using a Surface to take meaningful pictures. It is mainly there to be used for video chatting and the occasional apps that use it as a gimmick. I am also disappointed with Surface audio quality, or should I say the audio level. It would be nice if it was a tad louder. But I...
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    Bluestacks for rt

    I set up a child's profile for my 3 year old and it works great. It even emails me weekly information on what apps and websites she's been using. And considering the Surface comes with Office I think it would be a great device for kids. My only gripe is I'm having a little difficulty typing...

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