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    New MS vs Apple Advertisement

    I always hated the old Apple commercials where they depicted Windows as an old geeky guy and Apple as the young hipster. Well, MS finally had a bit of revenge. I saw this last night while watching the NBA Finals. Great commercial!
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    RDP into your Surface Pro

    Hey all, Is anyone else having problems with this? I was able to do this before, but just can't seem to get it to work anymore. Not sure what I changed. I can log into the machine just fine, but it disconnects once I can see the desktop. When I look at the Surface Pro, it appears that the...
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    Touch Based Emulators

    Does anyone know of any PSx emulators that are compatible with a touch PC/Surface Pro. I'd like to play some of these games using just the tablet, no keyboard or controller. You would think the onscreen keyboard would work, but for some reason emuolator games just don't respond to the on...

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