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    Recurring events in -- editing w/o losing data

    I have a repeating/recurring event in my calendar that's been running for some years now. Throughout that time, I've cancelled individual occurrences, moved them, made notes, etc. Now that my schedule is about to slightly change, I need to change the day on which it occurs. In...
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    Calendar App Out of Sync w/

    For whatever reason, a couple of days ago I made a bunch of changes in my calendar using the native MS Calendar metro app, only to find that they never posted to my account. So now my calendar on the website as well as my Windows Phone, which syncs with it, have none of...
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    Video recording from the camera while in Desktop mode

    I've tried searching for this, but every instance of "video recording" seems to really mean "desktop screen recording." I want to be able to video record my lectures, but still take notes in OneNote simultaneously. Whenever I tab out of the Camera app, though, it stops recording. Does...
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    Multiple MS e-mail accounts under my single address

    Okay, so either this is some conspiracy on MS's part, they are completely inept, or I am just an idiot today. I am in the process of migrating completely to (see my earlier thread, questioning whether I should do this), and I am stymied by how to bring all of my other e-mail...
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    Studying for school with the Pro

    Hi all. I'm looking to use my Surface Pro for all of my studying this fall semester, leaving the paper-and-ink--cluttered world in the dust as much as possible. I intend to do this through MS One Note and by using the stylus for in-class input. Has anyone attempted to do this yet? I would...
  6. L vs Google services

    Hi all. Wasn't sure which sub-forum to post this in. I really feel like ditching Google altogether (only reason I went there 4 years ago was because MS totally blew it with Windows Mobile updates, and I just couldn't wait anymore), but I just want to make sure I am not going to lose any...

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