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    Too Many USB Devices Not Enough USB Ports

    Fortunately I did not suffer from the dreaded December firmware fiasco. The only major issue I have with the SP2 is in desktop mode. Although this is probably not a problem for most of us, the single USB 3 port limits the number of peripherals that can be installed. I have 4 hard drives, a USB...
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    SP2 and Docking Statrion - 1st Impressions

    For those interested in docking the SP2, I have posted my initial impressions of the MS docking station in the
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    I was able to find the docking station at Frys in Seattle. Odd because Microsoft told me they had none in store or in warehouse but Frys just got them in. For those unfamiliar with the docking station, it has 1 USB 3.0 port, 3 USB 2.0 ports a mini display port, an Ethernet port and 3.5 mm...
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    Windeows 8.1 The Best OS for Tablets?

    IMO, Windows 8.1 is the best tablet OS. Far exceeds IOS7 and Android. This coming from a long time Mac user.
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    Misleading Surface Pro 2 Reviews and Comments

    After reading several reviews and comments about the Surface Pro 2, I wonder if many of these people have ever used it. It was reviews and comments like these that almost led me to dismiss this great device. Hopefully my experience will help others to make an informed decision on whether to buy...

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