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  1. dallasfreak

    Its a sad day

    ITS A SAD day PC has yet seen use since I received my surface RT in November......its lonely and scared it my just be turn into a paper weight can I show her love again day I will get my music from her insides .....oh what I can just stream that from her.....Paper...
  2. dallasfreak

    How many NEED or WANT a Surface Pro

    I want one too. I just couldn't wait for it so I bought the rt I wish they had a trade in it looks like I will be getting the SURFACE PRO II next year.....DALLASFREAKING EVERY DAY
  3. dallasfreak

    Paint Peeling from Surface RT

    it covers it and even water damage ! send it back
  4. dallasfreak

    apps on surface and laptop

    If I buy an app on my Surface do I still have to buy the app on my laptop to play the app on my laptop?
  5. dallasfreak


    I like to try before I buy would sell more if you did this......ONLY IF THE GAME IS GOOD......I am Hoping it is ...wishing you luck ......Dallasfreak
  6. dallasfreak

    Microsoft TapTiles

    oh my ........this game is free ....but I need the extra time so I have to watch the 30 sec commercial just wish they would change them up more!!!!!
  7. dallasfreak

    One man's surface RT experience journal

    Yes there all some issues with the surface......but there were a lot of issues with the first gen iPad. I have had my surface for a little over a month with some issues facing the music app and not having some of my favorite apps especial flipbook .....but I LOVE IT !!!!!! And will buy the...
  8. dallasfreak

    Music app

    yes .....I thought it was fixed but it is like a old record skip skip.....I have to use my iphone for music.:(
  9. dallasfreak

    Tegra 4 Surface RT 2?

    I couldn't wont be able to either once you pick one up !!!!good luck waiting
  10. dallasfreak

    windows8 for PC wasteofmoney

    Ok this is my point !!!! I received my Surface on Nov.9th and downloaded windows 8 for my pc on Nov 5 ! that being said I played with windows 8 for 4 days and have not turn on my PC since the 9th ......thus waste of 40.00 ......damn somebody should have warn me about the addiction to the...
  11. dallasfreak

    New Up dates today 12\11

    Trent, do you know if the flash update was for maybe flash 8 or 9 .....some websites says I need this to run the video thanks Dallasfreak
  12. dallasfreak

    transfer video

    one more thing how do you close apps all the way besides going into task manager ?
  13. dallasfreak

    transfer video

    How do I transfer video that I took with the Surface to the USB stick......Dallasfreaking:confused:
  14. dallasfreak

    Sad day yesterday... and its still going :(

    YES YES glad to hear the good news I am sure they will do something for you.....MS ROCKS
  15. dallasfreak

    BBC Review gets it completely wrong

    there will always be the apple click....I had the first gen 64 3g ipad....the flood took it this summer and wanted to wait and see the Surface before I made another ipad glad I did.Yes the Surface has made me want to scream out loud,many of times!!!! but so did the ipad and still my...
  16. dallasfreak

    I Never Made An Introduction - Hi I'm from the Real Birmingham

    easy I have friends in the fake Birmingham!!!!! welcome Mate
  17. dallasfreak

    Sad day yesterday... and its still going :(

    WHAT WAIT the high cost of the Surface there should always be a sign off sheet to prove that it was drop off.....hell NO THEY BETTER FIX THIS.....I had mine delivered and had to sign for it!!!!!! keep us posted
  18. dallasfreak

    Music app

    OK the music app sucks ,sucks sucks once again it cuts off lags what the hell its a music the hell can MS get this so wrong !!!! already called ,deleted updated ,restarted , updated ,deleted .....hello none of the above works !!!! the help was great on the phone but two hours later the...
  19. dallasfreak

    Argh! So Disappointed With This Tablet

    WELL PUT DARTH......I was going to return mind too.....because of the CRAPPY MUSIC PLAYER what a head ache...but I call support and I am happy again
  20. dallasfreak

    Facebook touch is out now

    thanks for the app update

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