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    OK, I was already to go with the Surface Book with Performance Base 16/512. I brought it home from the MSS and have even loaded software on it; I have another 30 days to return it however. But I am so struck by the Studio that I'm really questioning whether the little guy will suffice even with...
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    Surface Dial

    So anyone know how this will interact with the Surface Book? Will it work on the screen the way it does on the Studio? What do you think; will there be a lot of apps which will be developed to work with it? Any inputs?
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    Which SB w/ PB?

    Mary (my wife) has given me the go ahead to buy a new computer for Christmas. I went down to the Microsoft store and decided to get the Surface Book with Performance Base. I've played with idea of spending another $300 and upgrading to 16 gig and 500 gig SSD. Although this seems attractive to...
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    Surface Pro/medge Case Combo

    I have a Pro which I bought close to a year ago and has worked well for me. This week I was taking it with me to fill time while I was having a muffler replaced on my F-250. I carried it in one had and a grill propane tank in the other out to the truck. I placed the Pro on the hood of the F-250...
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    Any Place Beating MS's Deal?

    I'm looking to get an RT for my wife for her birthday. Best deal I can find is for a refurb from MS for $250. Anyone know of any better deals? Thanks, Lee
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    8.1 RTM October

    Well, holding my breath could be more of challenge... Reports: Microsoft's holding Windows 8.1 until October to launch it with new hardware | PCWorld
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    Owning Both Covers?

    I'm curious if I'm the only one who's broken down and bought both covers? Initially back in June when I bought my SP, I bought the Type cover to go with it. For some reason the Touch called to me. I really like the fact that it doesn't have felt on the bottom and is pretty much spill proof...
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    Touch Screen Monitor Acer 21.5 Inch Android DA2220HQL

    Touch Screen Monitor Acer 21.5 Inch Android DA220HQL I've ordered an Acer 21.5-Inch HD Touchscreen Android 4.0 All-in-one Desktop PC (DA220HQL) as a touch screen monitor to go with the SP. I don't know how well it will work or if it will work but the concept seems pretty intresting to me. Not...
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    Stylus Replaced

    Three weeks in and the magnetic button popped off. Took the SP back to BestBuy and they replaced the stylus with one out of a new unit. Best as I can figure, don't remove the stylus from the charging port by grabbing the eraser end.
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    Costco Incipio Padded Sleeve

    Costco Incipio Padded Sleeve NO LONGER AVAILABLE NO LONGER AVAILABLE...I was looking for a carrying case for my Pro; this is available through Costco for $19.97 plus shipping (from MS for $39.99). I just got one for my new system; very nice. Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for Microsoft® Surface...

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