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    waking up at random

    Wow, it brings back memories...from Jan 2014 when the SP2 was quite new and a bad firmware patch issued the prior month was causing quite a few SP2s to have similar "awakenings" at random times. Spooky indeed. That said, the SP2 largely stabilized by May or June 2014 and has performed pretty...
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    Solved No driver for MS ethernet adapter

    Well, what did I know... Found the driver. In case anyone is looking for it, I downloaded it from here: I installed manually, and where the install dialog asks about having a disk, click it and point it to the downloaded files...
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    Solved No driver for MS ethernet adapter

    Just yesterday I bought a Microsoft ethernet adapter, the one MS sells specifically for SP1,2,3. So I attach it to a known good ethernet connection, and yes the cable works with another computer. However, the SP2 says no driver. I try to "update" the driver, but then it says no driver is to...
  4. J

    Chances of getting a defective cover

    FWIW the TC2 for my SP2 developed "spacebar necrosis" a few weeks ago, after ~6 months of ownership. (I believe the TC for SP2 and SP3 are essentially the same except for surround dimensions.) Good news is that the MS Store replaced it instantly. They were delighted I still had the original...
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    Key on Type Keyboard Stopped Working

    Similar problem--started vacation 2 weeks ago, and first day out TC2 spacebar not working. Able to get by with BT keyboard temporarily. When I brought the TC2 back to the MS store, they exchanged it without blinking an eye. They were so happy I had the original receipt. Apparently many...
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    Update (08/10) Killed My SP2

    The repeating update thing has been a frequent nuisance--I've noticed its occurrence a number of times. How much it's a source of problems isn't clear at all, at least, AFAICT there's been no evidence of harm. You can "reset" the update database which is supposed to stop the repeating, though...
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    4300u, VT-d, and Hyper-V

    As I recall, client Hyper-V, as in the SP2/W8.1, can't directly access disks, and is limited to VHD's. Of course, a VM can access an external USB NIC. In fact, I use this just to be able to have wireless internet access for both the Win8.1 host as well as in the VM. Seems one can't have the...
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    Update (08/10) Killed My SP2

    "Completely dead" is a (huge) problem regardless of "cause". IOW the update could have been a coincidence, and not the source of the problem. Of course, it really doesn't matter. Whatever the reason, if it's truly dead, a replacement is necessary. If tech support can't help you revive it...
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    4300u, VT-d, and Hyper-V

    I've been using Hyper-V on my SP2 since Dec 2013. Actually the first SP2 was "killed" by the infamous Dec 2013 firmware incident, and its replacement had the 4300u CPU. A few months ago there was some discussion re: hardware VT-d. As I remember, Hyper-V did not use such capability on the...
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    SD and Micro SD Cards Going Offline (SP2)

    Interesting. I've used the mSD cards mainly for backup of image files. Currently have a 32GB C10 and 64GB U1 cards for the purpose. Haven't noticed problems transfering files from other storage media, but then I've copied 10 or 16 jpg/raw files at a time (say 150-200MB) which may not have...
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    reset battery report stats

    Sure looks like the "batteryreport" that I've seen on my SP2! As formatted in your message, it's harder to decipher than viewed in the browser. Probably the most relevant information is contained in the "Installed batteries" section. It shows battery capacity of 40,078 mWh and "Cycle count"...
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    reset battery report stats

    Good question. I've looked at battery report many times--never occurred to me to "reset" the stats. What kind of "nonsense" are you referring to? Seems like it should tell you something about the replacement's history or status. It's possible there are registry entries containing data...
  13. J

    Pros/Cons of SP2 vs SP3 from My Perspective

    Ah, yes, awaiting the SP4+, then it will have the Broadwell chip, etc. But the SP1 had obvious bugs, so it begot the SP2, and it had really bad bugs, including MS firmware "fixes", that is , MS Malware. Now the new gen SP3 is reported to have a ton of bugs, not so hot performance, bugs in WiFi...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    So I'm curious: now that you've had it a few days, is your SP3 still showing a short battery run time? More important, does it really have a short run time? IOW, real-life measurement of the run time under your use conditions is the "facts on the ground" that matters. Don't know if it works...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    That is surprising. Tests of SP3 vs. SP2 show more or less the same battery life depending on workload. OTOH CPU throttling would presumably reduce power use, which should favor a longer battery life in the SP3. Are you sure it's fully charged? Instructions usually say to first charge the...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    Last month I considered getting the SP3, but such comments seem to be frequently made. The CPU "throttling" would be a disadvantage for my use: generally I'm running plugged in and with High Performance profile. I decided to pass on the SP3. When should we expect the SP4 to show up?
  17. J

    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    Are you saying SP3 throttles at a lower temp than the SP2? Since the SP2 throttle temp is ~80/C, the SP3 temp is <80? I guess I could look it up, but that doesn't sound quite right...
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    Touchscreen not responding in Virtual Machine

    A couple of comments. I've used Hyper-V on my SP2 since I've had it--Dec 2013. Not used touchscreen very often with the OS since running FreeBSD in the VM more than other OS. However, touchscreen does work to extent expected. Touch is handy to pop out of the VM (vs. Ctl-Alt-BSpace) or into...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    Have to concur--no plan to buy the SP3. I bought the SP2 in December 2013, and no way I can afford to spend at least as much on yet another computer. It's not clear how much an advantage SP3 provides over the SP2. Reading about the SP3 pen being not as good as SP2 makes me think twice about...
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    Battery life protection

    Gosh, if my SP2 is still working in 2 years, by then they'll probably be releasing the SP6 or 7 or 8! That's actually not a bad price--seems comparable to similar capacity OEM replacement batteries...

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