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    Staffpad - music notation software

    Looks pretty cool Has anyone tried it yet? $70 seems pretty steep. Some comments suggest that the pen input doesn't work as flawlessly as they make out in the video... Shame they don't have a demo.
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    Upgraded to 8.1 and now my micro SD card has disappeared

    I upgraded to 8.1 and now my microSD card is not showing up in my computer. I checked for windows updates and nothing found. I looked in device manager and there are no yellow exclamation marks. I scanned for hardware changes and nothing detected. I'm not sure which device is supposed to be...
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    External Monitor not detected after 8.1 update

    I just updated my SP to 8.1 and now my external monitor is not detected. It is connected via a mini DP to VG adaptor and was working fine before installing the update. I tried googling, but couldn't find anything. Anyone else have this problem? Or can suggest a solution? Thanks, Rich It...
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    j5create JUD500 - Wormhole technology is cool

    I got this in the post today JUD500 I bought it mainly to use as a docking station for my Surface Pro. I wanted to make it easier to connect my external monitor, external HDD and speakers, plus get the additional USB ports. After seeing what the wormhole technology can do, I've decided to...
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    Music apps (instruments, not media players)

    Hi all, has anyone found any good music creation apps for win8? Music Maker Jam is the best one I've found. It is just a loop player and pretty limited, but it comes with 4 free loop packs and it is quite fun and a nice time killer. There is no way to sequence your own melodies or chord...
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    Inking on PDFs

    What apps are people using to markup PDFs with the Pro's pen? I'm a teacher and use PDFs a lot in class. I have been using PDF Xchange for years to type on, and draw lines and circles on PDFs in class. With the SP I'd like to be able to write on them using the pen. I've tried using the pen...
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    Screen density - Why can i see more at a lower resolution?

    If I set my resolution to 1920*1080 I get 3 rows of tiles on the metro screen and if I go into the pc settings from the charms menu I can't see all of the items in the left pane. I have to scroll down a bit. If I set my resolution to 1600*900 I get 4 rows of tiles and in the pc settings menu...
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    1600x900 better?

    I use an external monitor to extend my desktop on my SP. I have been swapping back and forth between scaling of 100% and having things look nice on the monitor and really small on the SP, and then 125% scaling which makes things look silly on the external monitor, but OK on the SP. Today, I...
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    Recovery USB not working

    Hi all, I created a recovery USB on my Surface Pro from within windows. It didn't give any errors. When I try to boot into the recovery USB I get this error. I tried another USB stick (both of them were 16GB) and get the same error when trying to boot into it. Any ideas on what I should...
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    Onscreen keyboard sound file

    Does anyone know the sound file used for the onscreen keyboard typing sound? I tried turning the sound off in the PC Settings, but it felt weird with no sound. I just want to edit the file to make it softer. I tried searching for *.wav, *.ogg, *.wma and *.mp3 and couldn't find the...

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