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  1. mph

    How do I Keep Surface screen clean

    Surface Pro has, as almost every touch-based device a capacitive touch screen (Touchscreen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) so as long as you dont't damage the glass it's pretty durable technique. Besides: I use a cotton rag and some window cleaer (a similar german version of this...
  2. mph

    One the features I love and cannot believe i lived without

    Funny thing i find it pretty amazing too such clever gimmicks give the charger a lot more purpose. although i think MS went through the trouble to prevwentusers from using the only USB port to charge their phone with it. BTW - Since i live in Germany i was pretty amazed seeing two other...
  3. mph

    What display port monitor to use ?

    HDMI standard mainly used throughout customer devices only supports FHD. Duspplay Port in the SPro Spec goes up to 2560*1440p As a current Dell U2711 woner i would recommend a Dell U2713HM
  4. mph

    Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711

    As I wote on #3: I did replace the adapter with a miniDP to DP cable @malberttoo In my opinion that's what are about: offering solutions not unresolved problems. Mine was rather simple after all, but could end up in a lot of outgoing cash flow :) If any mod eads this close it and maybe set a...
  5. mph

    USB 3.0 Dock for 2540x1440? Why Not?

    He ChopChop, I never considerd multi-display usage on the surface since my Dell U2711 seems sufficient in aea an resolution (2560*1440):) so this: can't be true. Im running the surface pro with 2560*1440p on my U2711. The fist cable didn't work so I ordern 2 new ones which work well with...
  6. mph

    Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711

    Solved! It was indeed the miniDp to DP adapter that wasnt working properly. I tried some new ones I orderd online.And they work really well - also in 2560*1440P on my U2711 Best regards, mph
  7. mph

    Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711

    Hey guys, I'm getting really frustrated by now. For starters here my setup: Surface Pro (gotten today) Dell U2711 (DisplayPort Connector) DisplayPortCable by Dell After Market mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adaptor I tried almost all day to get this working, since it's pretty ital...
  8. mph

    Just Got a surface Pro

    I got mine an hour ago :)
  9. mph

    European release date for Pro?

    Mine is in the Mail. Tracking didnt update since yesterday 02:30 am. Someday i hoped there were no holidays Still waiting and hoping it's coming today
  10. mph

    Anyone else waiting for a new Microsoft Surface Pro?

    Well since there is no word of a third-party compay using the dock port for a keayboard+battery style cover i wouldn't be surprised MS will bring the dock connector over to the new SFro making it downward compatible. old SFpro Users might get the pleasure of using the "new" covers and maybe...
  11. mph

    Encryption? Security?

    Since this question pops up rather regularly: Does anyone have a tutorial on hand oncerning complete discencryption on the Surface Pro via TrueCrypt?
  12. mph

    Just Got a surface Pro

    Congratulations :)
  13. mph

    One more sleep

    One more sleep for me today
  14. mph

    Surface Case Reviews

    anyone using a incipio case for the pro with a touch cover? how does it fit into the case? do you have to squeeze it in or is there a little space? sonewhere i read the pro with typecover doenst really fit well in it. does anyone share these concerns? and by the way: how "slippery" is the...
  15. mph

    256GB Surface Pro !!! launches in Japan on June 7th

    I believe you won't hear from MS anytime soon concerning a 256GB SFPro for Europe. Eventhough, the japanese version doesnt come with win 8 Pro but rather a "plain" win8
  16. mph

    One more sleep

    Since my Surface is in the mail i'll join in here it won't be delivered by Friday (tomorrow is a holiday in Germany) Orderd a SFPro 128GB and a TouchCover Since you asked for Thaoughts: I tried both Touch and TypeCover. Although the Type was slightly better when typing on it i didn't like the...
  17. mph

    External Battery Pack Option

    Hey Russ, we could try Mandarin, so wie have sort of the same basis ;) The whole point of the question for me is to deduce, whether it hurts the long-term usability of the internal battery pack. since it's almost impossible to replace it. if anyone of the electronics geeks happen to know how...
  18. mph

    External Battery Pack Option

    Hey Russ, i'd consider it a hit that the surface has sort of intelligent power system. it doesnt realy proof that the power coming from your external battery pack isnt running through the acutaua built-in pack, does it? it rather proves that as long as the external power source exists the...
  19. mph

    USB 3.0 Accessorie - USB Sharing 3Ports

    Hey razmichael, it seems like there is no other solution to this than the way you and previous posts suggested, since there is no "simple" 3-way USB3.0 switch i never considered switching USB Harddrives. occational switching. by now ill go with the usb3.0 hub and switching the cable between...
  20. mph

    External Battery Pack Option

    Hey guys, i guess this isn't 100% topic related but i must ask this: did anyone find out wether the surface pro will use the built-in battery pack when it is fully charged an connected to the external charger? since continously loading a battery pack seems to hurt long-term battery life.

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