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    SSD - How Much Life Is Left?

    Does someone know if a tool exists for the surface pro that will indicate how much of the SSD's life is left? Thanks.
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    Surface Pro 2 battery - user replaceable????

    Anyone know if the surface pro 2's battery is user replaceable?
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    From Windows 8, to preview 8.1, and now back to 8.0.

    This is an FYI for those interested. Yep, I resorted back to Windows 8. Two problems I had, one of which could not be resolved. With the June firmware upgrade, OpenGL failed with an astronomical software package I had. Research indicated others, many, had the same issue, with games and...
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    Who "Owns" the "Microsoft Surface Forums"?

    Just wondering, who "Owns" the "Microsoft Surface Forums"? Is it Microsoft or a third party?
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    IE - App vrs Desktop version

    In the desktop version of IE on the surface pro, I can mouse down on a tab and reposition or reorder it amongst all the tabs displayed. In the app version of IE, I can't figure out how to reorder the tabs. Can it be done or do I have to open them in the order I need them? Thanks.
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    Wi-Fi Signal Strength

    I got a Wireless router which has three antennas that you can reposition for best signal. Thus, I am trying to figure out the best antenna orientation to cover my home. So using the surface pro I can easily walk around and monitor the "bars" on the pro's wireless icon. More bars the stronger...
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    "What you hear" - Audio Capture

    "What you hear" - Audio Capture I am trying to record streaming sound that is being played through the speakers (surface pro). If using the program, audacity, they'll call it recording, "what you hear" or "Stereo mix". Unfortunately it appears the audio driver does not have those api's or at...
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    Skin Heat on Surface Pro?

    I really like the Decal and the personalization it adds. However, the Pro's back is aluminum and an excellent heat sink for the internals. When I run some simulator apps, I can hear the internal fans start up. So I was wondering if you have come across anything in regard to diminished heat...
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    Is there a quick way to blank the screen???

    Is there a quick way to blank the screen??? For instance I do something on the desktop and am done but want to leave the computer on.... music playing.... but have the screen go blank to preserve the battery. In the past there have been some "screen savers" where you move the mouse cursor to a...

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