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    Surface Pro 2 and Slow iPhone Charging

    I've noticed that when I try and charge my iPhone off of the USB port, it can take four times longer to charge compared to charging off of my regular laptop or off the wall charger. Does anyone have an idea why this would be? Thanks, Rick
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    SkyDrive Folders and Files Disappearing

    I've noticed a couple of times now that many (but not all) folders and files in my SkyDrive folder are just disappearing without cause. This could be disastrous and to be honest it's a MAJOR concern. I have two devices (Surface and laptop) that both access the SkyDrive folders but I know FOR...
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    Touchpad Settings

    Has anyone found a way to modify the touchpad setting so a long press will hold? I know you can drag two fingers on the touchpad and drag but I wish the touchpad were more configurable.
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    Battery Rundown App?

    My SP2 battery isn't getting anything close to 6 hours on normal use. Does anyone know of an app that performs a standardized battery run down test and provides a report of some sort?
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    Battery Rundown App

    Items my SP2 battery isn't getting anything close to 6 hours on normal use. Does anyone know of an app that runs a standardized battery run down test?
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    Stylus Crosshairs

    Is there is a way to modify or even turn off the crosshairs that appear when the stylus comes near or touches the screen. I'm used to this but many of my clients who sign contracts on my SP2 are a bit confused by it. Has anyone found a way to modify the settings?
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    I recently purchased a new Surface 2 Pro 256 gig. I'm loving it but want to now take advantage of my 200 gigs of storage on SkyDrive. I have several questions I hope can be addressed here: 1. As I work frequently from another computer I would like to direct my primary files to save on...
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    Best PDF Annotation Software

    I am a Realtor and frequently need to have clients sign legal documents. I'm looking for the best, most flexible, easy to use software that will allow A client to manually sign multiple documents all that are multiple pages. I would appreciate any recommendations you have. I have tried SignMyPad...
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    Syncing between devices

    I ordered my Surface 2 Pro last month on the first day. Since then have been using my laptop to install all of the modern UI apps that I think I want on the Surface. Am I correct in saying when I first login to the Surface that it will port over all applications installed on my laptop?

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