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  1. J

    Surface Case Reviews

    This one is really great, just what I was looking for Poetic HardBack Protective Case for Windows RT Surface 32GB 64GB Tablet: Computers & Accessories
  2. J

    Audio & Camera Uodates -

    audio quality is hardware. It s not bad at all. I think the built in speakers are pretty good too. I also have a nuforce Icon2 usb DAC and headphone amplifier I use through the USB port. It is powered my the port so just 1 wire. sound is great, no hassle plug and play.
  3. J

    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    yay surface! I would use it to have fun and smack my ipad around.
  4. J

    Air Bubbles on back of Surface

    store all the way. I didn't want to buy from the store because of MA sales tax but they charge that online too. The Copley store is very good and it took me 10 mins to return and rebuy (note they cant exchange from online purchase, only accept returns )
  5. J

    Will Surface Pro version come with Office installed?

    true-- but the update app kicks you to the desktop, but they are desktop apps I guess :)
  6. J

    Does Anyone Really Care About the Start Menu?

    I look at the new start menu and I immediately comsume s lot of information I would normally have to browse around for. it's s fsntastic user interface on all it's platforms. People will bitch about anything, especially when they have not experienced it.
  7. J

    Air Bubbles on back of Surface

    also can you post the lot # from the sticker on the box?
  8. J

    Air Bubbles on back of Surface

    Ask yourself if youd rather not have those bubbles. Return it to a store and rebuy or call for an exchange.
  9. J

    Will Surface Pro version come with Office installed?

    Speaking of which there's an update out now that installs the real (not preview) version of office
  10. J

    Screen and Lot # questions

    Hi- I've had 2 surfaces (one is my current) which had yellow "flashlighting" areas on the bottom and side. Anyone know if this is like the iDevices adhesive issue, and will go away with use? Also, my most recent Surface came with slightly different packaging effects and had the on-desktop...
  11. J

    Disappointing Customer Service from Microsoft

    Hi - if you have a windows store (brick and mortar) within reach, go there. If you have a hardware problem with your Surface (even if you ordered online) return it there (30 days no questions asked) and buy a new one. I've done this twice. Quick and easy done in 15 minutes. Cheers
  12. J

    Media Library Locations - Tip not working

    Hi- I think I found the trick to make the pictures app work. you need to copy pictures directly in the the pictures folder you created (not sub-folders) once the pictures are recognized by the app, then you can add new subfolders with pics. you may need to re-install the app after setting up...

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