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  1. Buelligan

    Charging a smartphone via the AC adapter - not working

    My first thought was the cable. Have had bad ones before. So I tried several with the same results. Once I received the new charger the original cable worked fine. I'm not sure of the voltage capabilities as I never bothered to look. I did have to replace a cable with the third charger I am...
  2. Buelligan

    Charging a smartphone via the AC adapter - not working

    I am sure it is a faulty charger. I had the exact same issue TWICE! Worked fine and then it would do as you describe (blinking when phone plugged in). Lucky for me I had Microsoft complete. Called them and had a new charger in two days with NO QUESTIONS asked! Plugged it in and viola all worked...
  3. Buelligan

    Battery Report not working any more?!

    what am I doing wrong? IE says "This page cannot be displayed" Never mind DOH! copied to desktop and it opened! I forgot LOL
  4. Buelligan

    THE MICROSOFT BAND IS HERE!!! Check it out, I think it looks pretty cool and the reviews are GREAT!
  5. Buelligan

    Playing DVD

    Yeah I mentioned this method on another thread. I've been doing this with my SP1 since March 2013 :-D
  6. Buelligan

    I still have some love for my iPad

    I'm right there with you! My only problem is my carrier, USCellular. I'm stuck with the only one WP choice, Samsung Ativ Odyssey. It's ok but with only 8GB of on board storage I'm running out of space all the time. I wish they would release 8.1 already so I can transfer Apps to the SD card. I'd...
  7. Buelligan

    Calendar & Mail issues (separately and together)

    Can't offer much help other than to say I use OneDrive on my SP1 and it works great! Not sure about the calendar in outlook to the calendar app. I just use outlook between all my computers and Surface and Windows phone and it all syncs perfect. Don't have outlook on the phone but anything I put...
  8. Buelligan

    Seriously.... necessary to create partition or not?

    THAT IS NOT TRUE! OneDrive is the exact same price 100 GB is $1.99/month 200GB is $3.99/month Google doesn't even have a 200GB option and theirs is shared across a few Apps, OneDrive is a single point of access. Plus if you use Office 365 Home, you plus the 5 others members you can share your...
  9. Buelligan

    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    I have a completely different way. The only thing is it requires a network and a desktop on that network. When I am home I have a gaming desktop with DVD and A Blu-Ray burner. All I did in "Libraries" was to select "Map Network Drive" then browse to the desktop and select the drives. Now I just...
  10. Buelligan

    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    macmee, again I am sorry you have had all this trouble with YOUR machine. I am well aware that others have had a problem or two. But with that said I'll wager that the MAJORITY of users are not experiencing these issues. Just because some tech sites, forums and such have a few dozen people...
  11. Buelligan

    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    Update went as smooth as SILK!! As they ALWAYS do for me. Does seem snappier in some way. I just went to windows updates checked the box and hit install. 809 MB and it took about 5 mins to install after it downloaded. Restarted and running with no problems at all!
  12. Buelligan

    I love sitting next to folks with iPads.

    Nobody, here! LOL I've had my Surface Pro 1 for over a year now with one small hiccup. I had one issue early on, but pretty sure it had to do with a completely drained battery. Had to charge over night and it recovered just fine. ABSOLUTLY FLAWLESS otherwise. I must be the exception to your...
  13. Buelligan

    Is Power Cover valuable?

    Shame on you, using bad words here on this forum :omg: The proper language here would have been "so much easier and faster to use BING" :wink:
  14. Buelligan

    New Surface Pro Owner Experience So Far...

    Welcome, glad you seem to enjoy it for the most part. Yes all devices have something in the cons column and the Surface is no exception. I have had my Pro 1 for almost a year now. I have never owned a tablet before so maybe that's why the whole battery life issue doesn't bother me. I am almost...
  15. Buelligan

    Docking Station for Microsoft Surface Pro in stock at for $170

    Be Aware? I know of three docking stations and all three are, and I quote "AMAZING"
  16. Buelligan

    New Surface Pro Owner Experience So Far...

    Yes and no. He did list them, but sort of, but with an "air" of how crappy it is that Microsoft dare put out this thing without addressing these very obvious issues. While I agree that some of these issue do exist and that they may need to be addressed, not all of these tablets seem to be having...
  17. Buelligan

    New Surface Pro Owner Experience So Far...

    Well may I say this. I have stated this before. Like jnj said, this is an enthusiast site and we who don't have the issues you describe and are passionate about our devices and don't appreciate your immediate list of "issues" as all MS "bugs". I have had my Surface Pro I 128 for almost a year...
  18. Buelligan

    Anyone got the Surface Music Kit? Doesn't work for me...

    I just clicked it and there it is, ready for install! It did flash to the store home screen at first but after about a second it loaded the App install page. Pro I 128. Region specific to the states maybe? Just a thought.
  19. Buelligan

    My Thoughts On the Surface Pro 2

    I didn't mean any ill will towards you at all and welcome your experience as sad as it makes me to hear about it. You are 100% correct that these issues need to be heard. I agree that those with problems need to speak up as well. "They" (MS) should hear about it, just not sure this forum was the...
  20. Buelligan

    My Thoughts On the Surface Pro 2

    I've been following your posts for awhile now and just had to put in my 2 cents. First, I too am not discounting your experience so far, I am sure it is all true and VERY frustrating, sounds like it really has been very trying. I am sorry you have had such problems. I must say the backlash you...

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