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  1. scfoster

    XBOX Video pause-restart issue

    Decided to use the native XBOX Video player instead of VLC. Happy with the program except for one really annoying issue. If you pause a video (stored locally on disk) and for whatever reason the screen turns off, when you attempt to start the video where you left off, you're taken instead to the...
  2. scfoster

    Apple USB adapter install

    For those of you who've switched from a Macbook and have the Apple USB adapter.... good news, you can install it to work with the SP3. From what I can tell, it WILL NOT install automatically. Here are the instructions I found: Ninja Monki: Getting your Apple USB Ethernet Adapter to work on...
  3. scfoster

    External Monitor Screen Flicker

    Brand new Surface Pro 3 connecting to Apple MC007LL/A 27 inch LED Cinema Display which has a MiniDisplay Port connector. There is an intermittent screen flicker (no particular apps running). From time to time the screen goes black for about a second, then comes back. The resolution is 2560 x...
  4. scfoster

    Essential Apps for new SP3 owners?

    Thought I'd start a thread on which apps/programs should be added to the SP3. I'm coming from a Macbook Air but I've been "blessed" with Win7 at the office. Loaded Office 2013 but I do not like the Outlook 2013 interface for 5 email accounts, especially since it does not play nice with...
  5. scfoster

    Plugable UD-3000 Docking Station not working with Apple LED display

    I have a couple of Apple LED Cinema displays, one of which I've been using with the Surface Pro 2. Works great when I plug the mini display connector directly into the Surface Pro 2. Purchased a Plugable UD-3000 docking station to cut down on the wires/connections. However, it does not appear...
  6. scfoster

    Screen Rotation lock - must be a quicker way

    Was surprised that there doesn't appear to be an easy way to lock/unlock the screen rotation of the Surface. Here is a link that gives the best explanation of the available options. How to Disable Screen Auto-Rotation in Windows 8 It would be extremely helpful to have an icon in the...

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