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  1. guymalloc

    Life scare all....

    My visits to the forum will be a little sketchy for a while. had a massive cardiac event two weeks ago. I'm lucky to be alive from what the surgeon and cardiologist say, lost me once, but modern tech got me back. Kind of a patched up ticker now, but still ticking,,,,,,,,
  2. guymalloc

    Solved Unable to close apps top right corner

    If you're still using Windows 8 or 8.1, to close an app you touch the top of the screen until the bar appears, then slide the window down 'till it flips, and then slide down the rest of the way. If you return to the desktop, use task manager to stop any open apps.
  3. guymalloc

    A stroll down Windows memory lane

    My FIRST PC, (I was a Commodore convert), had Windows 95C on it, and when it started up the boot image said Windows 97, came that way from the now defunct company.....
  4. guymalloc

    A stroll down Windows memory lane

    Twice that many, ha ha ha
  5. guymalloc

    Android/iOS users... what Microsoft apps do you use?

    I use Onedrive and Outlook apps on my LG Volt android phone. I use XML viewer from the playstore to link xml files to open in Android Firefox. Otherwise I don't do any real work with my cell.
  6. guymalloc

    Transferring files via USB Cable.

    A cat5e crossover cable will work directly from pc to pc, you can setup a peer to peer if both computers are on the same homegroup, just share the folder with the mp3's and drag and drop in explorer.
  7. guymalloc

    Right Click problems w/ pen and touch

    Check the onscreen keyboard, mine sometimes sticks the shift or control key, messes up touch and pen.
  8. guymalloc

    Permanent Keyboard light?

    I assume you're not using the Surface keyboard/cover, it comes on when you pass your hand over it. The power cover has no backlight.
  9. guymalloc

    Antivirus help please

    I too only use Windows Defender, however I scan once a week with Malwarebytes, just to be on the safe side.
  10. guymalloc

    Reserve your copy of 10

    I know I can hide the notification icon, but gwx.exe is still running, like to keep the background junk to a minimum. I think renaming the gwx folder might be the best idea, as long as windows upodate doesn't keep reinstalling it....
  11. guymalloc

    Reserve your copy of 10

    I don't want to remove the ability to upgrade, but I'd like to not have to go into task manager to shut off the notification. I also would like to have the option to NOT upgrade until I'm ready. Would prefer an iso image that I could save to upgrade when I'm ready.......
  12. guymalloc

    Flash drive compatibility

    Windows XP doesn't natively support exfat drives, there is a update to give it the capability, if you can find it still. XP should have no problem with ntfs or fat32, even fat32 drives over 32gb. But it will only format fat32 up to 32gb.
  13. guymalloc

    Is there a problem with the recent windows updates?

    Had 34 updates on my SP1, no firmware, everything went smooth..........
  14. guymalloc

    Mickey Mouse ears

    Kind of an old thread, but I just got a set of the 'Surface Ears' for my SP1, work great, cost about $20 with shipping. Wish that some retail outlets would pick them up, not just Amazon.
  15. guymalloc

    Comparison of 4 portable DVD drives using Surface Pro 2, 3, 4, Surface Book

    I'm at a loss, my Samsung usb DVD burner is model SE-218CB/RSBS mfg date august 2013, and it runs and burns fine on a single usb 3 or usb 2 connection to my surface pro 1. I did update the firmware from TS00 to TS01 with the tsst updater, but it worked before I did it. Beyond me....
  16. guymalloc

    15 easy steps to install Android on Windows 8

    Has anyone tried using Android86 on hyper-v on a surface pro? Just curious........
  17. guymalloc

    Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan/Device

    Yes, I'm using The Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro, but with Windows 8.1.1 on my Surface Pro 1. I haven't seen the need to upgrade to a SP3 yet, Maybe when the SP4's come out and the price drops. It has been working flawlessly with the SP1.
  18. guymalloc

    Surface Pro 3 WIMBoot guide + discussion

    What about the ethernet port on the Surface dock, will it support PXE boot?
  19. guymalloc

    Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan/Device

    I had a VM usb stick before I got the Sierra Wireless Pro. It never connected better than 3g, and was slow as dialup. Needed another option, as I won't pay $60 a month for cable internet, and needed something portable. I've been very pleased with my setup...
  20. guymalloc

    Best Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan/Device

    I use a Virgin Mobile Sierra Wireless Pro 3g/4g wireless hotspot. I'm grandfathered in on a $35 per month 2gb 3g, and unlimited 4g (up to 10gb then throttled) plan. Works perfectly either wireless or plugged in to a usb port. Battery lasts about 4 hours, same as my Surface Pro 1 lasts when busy...

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