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    Capacitive 'START' button location --- awkward?

    Of course with the Surface Pro 3, our friends at Microsoft decided to relocate the capacitive 'Start' button to the right hand side of the device? Can anyone make sense of this decision? My thoughts? -I figured it was due to the new way they TypeCover Pro "docks" to the lower portion of the...
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    Best Buy Return Clarification, "Within 15 Days"

    Is the "within 15 days" claim literally what it says? Meaning I can return on the 15th day or does "within" imply that it must be returned no later than the 14th day? Reason being is because I plan to buy an SP3 today to replace my Surface RT and I'll be away for 14 days starting tomorrow...
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    Now that the Surface Pro 3 has released and everyone has probably either received or at least played with one in the store. So with that, what are you looking forward to in the next-gen Surface? I just ask that you all be realistic with your expectations. SO let's not ask for 6 full sized USB...
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    Surface detecting screen finger touches randomly.

    My Surface (1) is intermittently detecting finger touches along the right hand side of the screen. Some times it displays the translucent circle around about where the Start button would be in the charms bar as if my finger is there, and other times it'll completely go haywire and detect swipes...

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