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  1. Pepper

    From Android to Windows phone, Bad Idea?

    You sure about that?
  2. Pepper

    System Hardware Update 1/27/2015

    I could not care less about getting future builds. Automatically, that is. I already edited my registry to restore WU to its normal behavior. When a new build is available, I will download the ISO and run setup at my convenience. That said, my experience is that this particular update has been...
  3. Pepper

    Anyone planning on trying Windows 10 Preview tomorrow?

    I installed it last night on my SP3. I was very surprised at how quickly it installed. Everything seems fine. I still have to disable/enable my wifi adapter occasionally but I wasn't expecting a fix for a bad driver in a new os. Took about 5 minutes to tour the new old start menu, and figure...
  4. Pepper

    New iphone owner - how do you integrate with the Surface Pro 3

    Were you aware of "Preview for Developers"? There's nothing stopping you upgrading that phone.
  5. Pepper

    Domain Pswd Surface Pro factory reset

    In the phone forums, I see people get accused of theft when asking such a question. If it's yours, they would say, should you not be able to log in? If it's someone else's, can't they give you the password? I'm not accusing you of anything. But some more information that proves you are not a...
  6. Pepper

    Solved Location Services

    Contact your ISP, they may be able to help.
  7. Pepper

    Looking for a good TO DO list (tasks) app

    Outlook on the desktop and tablets, tasks in calendar app and notes in NoteLook on the Windows Phone. None of which have the live tile support you asked about, sorry.
  8. Pepper

    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    Speak for yourself... lots of rural areas still can't get decent speed.
  9. Pepper

    Who here uses a Windows Phone

    Lumia 1020 running latest dev preview and Cyan.
  10. Pepper

    microsoft complete. word of warning

    You'll get a unit that is predestined for warranty replacements, packed in a warranty return box; either new or refurbished who can tell - probably determined by whether they have refurb or new stock on hand at the time - but covered "as new" regardless, per the terms of the warranty. What...
  11. Pepper

    Looks like KB2881553 is broken again.

    KB2881553 is "Update for the English Input Personalization Dictionary" and contains updated "autocorrect" rules for the touch keyboard. An updated version is released approximately every day or so. Every machine I have seen it offered on will install it, then it is immediately available again...
  12. Pepper

    How to overcome the lack of DVD reader in your Surface Pro 3

    Look for Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder for a quick way to make an image from existing media.
  13. Pepper

    PLEASE- post your serial numbers here!

    SP3 i5 256GB 066058342xxx Lot 1423 USA, Microsoft Store, Lenox Square (Atlanta)
  14. Pepper

    Just got mine: help with PDF and pen

    Maybe you are referring to this?
  15. Pepper

    Solved The tablet that can replace your laptop - It is not a lie!

    It replaced my laptop. It could have replaced my desktop machine at work, but I could not resist that $150 touchscreen from Newegg to turn it into a 'big surface'. It will replace my desktop at home, just need to get a USB optical drive. And it will replace my iPad which is used only for playing...
  16. Pepper

    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    I deleted the network bridge and re-enabled everything but the multiplexor protocol on the WiFi adapter. Now it seems things are working normally (cross fingers!) If I plug my USB Ethernet+hub and cable, it configures and works and uses its faster connection primarily, when disconnected WiFi is...
  17. Pepper

    Phone compatibility

    Yeah, those are the features I was saying are beyond my current knowledge level. Guess it's time to start reading :)
  18. Pepper

    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    I was, but uninstalled it after encountering many WiFi-related bluescreens. I also occasionally use a USB gigabit adapter, maybe that caused it to be added? I think I shall delete the bridge and just go with a direct connection.
  19. Pepper

    Phone compatibility

    Unfortunately the amount of connection between a Windows Phone and a Windows network, i.e. Active Directory domain, is: none at all. I would love to be able to domain-join my Windows Phone and access network resources such as shared files and printers. There is some enterprise functionality...
  20. Pepper

    September Patch Tuesday - No WiFi Fix for SP3

    Regarding the WiFi issue, I notice a Network Bridge. What is this for? None of my other Windows 8.1 computers have it.

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