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  1. Pepper

    Looks like KB2881553 is broken again.

    KB2881553 is "Update for the English Input Personalization Dictionary" and contains updated "autocorrect" rules for the touch keyboard. An updated version is released approximately every day or so. Every machine I have seen it offered on will install it, then it is immediately available again...
  2. Pepper

    Windows Update offering System Hardware Update multiple times

    Every time I see one of these, I let it install. Three times for the November update, twice for December and twice for January. Why is it wanting to install multiple times? Ever since things stabilized I haven't bothered hunting down newer drivers for anything so it's not because it needs to...
  3. Pepper

    Surface Pro insomnia mode (lack of sleep) is driving me mad!

    My Surface Pro (Windows 8.1 ProWMC RTM) has got a bad case of insomnia. No matter what I've tried adjusting, it absolutely will not sleep, hibernate, or whatever you want to call the state in which it saves what it's doing and restores it all when you turn it back on. Or maybe it does sleep but...
  4. Pepper

    Surface has a custom boot logo, how to change it?

    My OCD is kicking in... I would like to replace the default "Surface" logo at boot with the default Windows logo. Is this possible?

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