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    New HD 4000 Video Driver Officially Available at Intel (

    New official video driver now available for download.*&DownloadType=Drivers I should say that this is Intel's official release. We need Microsoft to officially...
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    New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.

    According to the attached article, Intel’s latest HD 4000 Graphics Driver, due out this week, improves performance up to 10%, reduces power consumption, and adds features. Intel?s Latest HD 4000 Graphics Driver Improves Performance up to 10%, Reduces Power Consumption, Adds Features «...
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    Any Intel Tuned Video Drivers available for the Surface Pro?

    Hi, First, how does one access the original video driver's Control Panel in Microsoft's Surface Pro (SP)? I thought it was Cltrl/Alt/F12, but nothing comes up. Has anyone come out yet w/a tuned Intel video driver specific for the HD4000 in the SP, which allows more video settings and...

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