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    any way to remove ability of pc to encrypt a file

    Just got hit by crypto locker was wondering if there is a way to make a pc unable to encrypt a file ever. Don't know if I actually got hit did a dirty power down think it blew my power supply doing it Never buying a seasonic power supply again second one to blow up on me
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    any good offline map programs

    I'm a contractor in the grey bruce area of Ontario there is no cell service in 50% of the areas up here I would love a offline map program for my surface pro 2 my current gps is a complete piece of garbage.
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    Surface 2 32gb or Asus Transformer Book T100

    looking to get one of these for a gift. I know the build quality is better on the surface 2 but the T100 has a full 8.1 OS like the idea of a full os at least I know there will be no issues with web browsing or video playback mkv windows RT vs Full windows no keyboard vs included 1080p vs...
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    new surface rt won't install from app store

    Took 8 hours to get all the updates done upgrade to 8.1 now trying to install Facebook,gmail or update preinstalled apps progress seems to freeze and never resume just refuses to install anything from the store
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    bose mini bluetooth soundlink

    just got it today. haven't played with any other Bluetooth speakers. just went off the rave reviews. have old Logitech usb powered clip on set of speaker to compare it to $219 vs $50 not impressed sofar bass is weak muddy highs distorted. anyone listen to the jawbone and give your view on...
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    blocking ad images on certain sites

    there are a few websites that I like and use for tv media but the ads are all pornographic in nature just wondering if there is a way to block the images on just that site using ie11 and chrome more ie11 at the moment
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    anyone try a xbone controller on the surface yet?

    Just curious looking at getting one for my surface just wondering if it works?
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    Disable the login screen on a startup

    i'm pretty much the only person that is going to be using the tablet not really enjoying having to enter a password everytime i restart the device tried the run netplwiz method but still asks for a password i'd really like to boot directly into the device any figure this out yet?

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