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    Email notification help

    I need some guidance. I have tried everything I know to receive a audible notification of a new email in the settings, no success. Is this possible?
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    App store questíon..

    One of my many hobbies is Amateur Radio. I realize I can't download to the surface..How does one go about getting a program on the Surface?
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    comcast email help needed

    Just purchased the Surface 2 today. I opened on the browser and logged into my email. The issue that I am having when I attempted to compose a new mail the keyboard overwhelmed the page that I am trying to type on? I could not see the message I am trying to type! Any suggestions?
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    Possible Return to Surface

    I sold my surface RT back in early December, I have been using an Ipad 4 since. I actually missed the Surface but the wifi connectivity issues overwhelmed me. Just for kicks I stopped by my local BB and noticed the price drop to $349.99 on the Surface RT. Before I make the investment have most...
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    notepad question

    My personal belief is that the IPad notepad for my occupation is second to none. Can anybody suggest if the Surface offers a similar app! The Apple functionality is that one can type and email directly in matter of seconds...thanks in advance
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    Future OS updates

    Is it possible that future updates would increase the speed of apps opening and browsing speed or is that a hardware issue in this first generation Surface?
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    new owner of Surface

    Hello, I just returned a Samsung 500T 11inch with Windows 8. The unit was nice and I liked the full version of 8, great camera, nice loud speakers and very light. Sent it back to Staples today, OS froze several times and had to reinstall the OS twice. Its history .. The Surface was...

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